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Hill Event Co Interview

The first time I met Taylor Larson from Hill Event Co was at this stunning backyard wedding. Today we sit down for a video call.

The first time I met Taylor Larson from Hill Event Co was at this stunning backyard wedding. A close friend of the couple, Taylor ensured everything ran smoothly while also being a vital part of the celebration.

As guests sat down under twinkling lights and a starry sky I found myself lingering. I stayed longer than I expected, because Kayleigh and Dave are the kind of couple you fall in love with. I enjoyed talking with Taylor, who was seated across from me and we became fast friends.

Recently we sat down to continue our conversation and share it with all of you here. What I noticed about Taylor was the way she conducted her business was different. There was more purpose and drive. She was going somewhere, and more quickly. I on the other hand frequently take the long scenic route, so no matter which road you are on you are welcome here.

Click below to watch or listen to our interview and I’m excited to announce Hill Event Co will be designing my 2021 Workshop. You can spend time with both of use this summer while I share how I approach photographing weddings and she prepares a stunning design.

Hill Event Co Interview

  • 1:20 | what event Taylor first set her sights on conquering
  • 4:56 | launching at a high level – what experience she had before starting
  • 8:00 | committing to goals + putting in the work + networking
  • 9:40 | doing more vs doing less – making the choice for yourself instead of letting someone else choose for you
  • 11:06 | maintaining a high level clients
  • 14:20 | what is a signature part of your experience?
  • 17:05 | matching clients to vendors
  • 18:05 | benefit of having a planner
  • 20:30 | collaborating with all vendors on a wedding day
  • 22:30 | staying inspired
  • 25:10 | mission of Hill Event Co
  • 27:00 | advice for couples
  • 31:50 | what 2020 weddings have taught me

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