est. 2008

mary dougherty
award winning new york photographer

Our style is classic, full of life, and demonstrates a clear perspective. We love the timeless look of black and white images and shoot with a number of different film (and digital) cameras to add to the storied quality. The end result is photographs that feel distinct, time-honored, and impossible to replicate. 

Fine Art Wedding
Photography + Portraits 

New York, Vermont, Boston + Destination

Starting in the darkroom, Mary has studied photography, art, and design spanning more than two decades of her life. Her classical training, innate creativity, and love for connecting with others, has formulated her signature style—rich with emotion, movement, and refinement. Most importantly, her images are a reflection of the profound love you have cultivated.


real is better

than perfect

relationships matter

more than things

some things are best said

with a photograph


brings us together

est. 2008

Our Story

We do our best work when you are immersed in the moment.

the nature of building relationships with my clients - that span years - has been even more rewarding than I could have imagined. 

We have a fascination with the way art connects to people. It’s why looking at a photograph can instantly return us to a moment, a feeling, an experience, and even to ourselves. Each time I pick up my camera I embrace what my subject brings, and the willingness to be seen. As I child I feared that the most, never wanting to stand out, and now I marvel and the way in which we evolve. Our stories change the world, when we share them... and our photographs hold feelings, if we show them. Sharing my perspective with you allows us to collaborate on some of the most meaningful pieces of custom art. 

From my early days in the darkroom to landing dream jobs with high profile clients, pursing art was a piviotal decision I made.

I studied film photography in college, quickly starting my own photography business after a short stint as a graphic designer. Now I focus on combining traditional film and modern digital mediums. 15+ years later, I'm as passionate about it today (if not more) as I was at the beginning. I don’t think I’ll ever tire of turning everyday moments into intentional pieces of art.  

the nature of building relationships with my clients - that span years - has been even more rewarding than I could have imagined. 

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I photograph 15 weddings each year in New York + beyond... let's make sure yours is one of them.