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Whiteface Lodge Winter Portrait

A Whiteface Lodge winter portrait session was a gift from Cole to Julia. He knew how meaningful photographs are to her. They are a gift not just because of the experience together, but the moments to look back on.

On a snowy winter day they checked in to the Whiteface Lodge for the start of their getaway. The next day we met up in the afternoon (because of course the sun sets early in winter) and captured these images. I love the life, happiness and beauty of these photographs. How about you?

I know Julia and Cole personally. They are both small business owners, and she is a photographer who I am thrilled to call a friend. We first connected when she attended my Adirondack Wedding Workshop.

whiteface lodge winter portrait outside with ice skates on in Lake Placid NY by Mary Dougherty

The images that we created together represent a specific moment in time. I hope that it brings joy, grounds them in today and gives them more promise for the future.

We started at a nearby trail and ended on the ice rink at the lodge. This allowed us to capture two different scenes during our Whiteface Lodge winter portrait. One was elegant in a black lace Erin Fetherston dress, the other was cozy with a fairisle sweater and mittens. Which look is your favorite – or do you love both together?

whiteface lodge winter portrait of couple sitting close looking at each other
Engagement photo at the Whiteface Lodge in winter couple stands outside in snow and kisses
husband and wife hold each other close for portrait while looking away

couple holds hands and smiles while dressed elegantly outside in the snow
portrait of woman in winter in black and white looking at the camera with black lace dress
couple ice skates in Lake Placid image by Mary Dougherty
happy couple smiles and looks at camera while ice skating at the Whiteface Lodge in Lake Placid NY
Couple ice skates together at the Whiteface Lodge in Lake Placid New York photo by Mary Dougherty
whiteface lodge winter portrait session couple sits in lean to in black and white photo by Mary Dougherty


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