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how to use pinterest for business

If you have not yet learned how to use Pinterest for your business, then let today be the day! Let’s use it as a way to drive traffic and reach clients.

If you have not yet learned how to use Pinterest for your business, then let today be the day! Most of us joined this site long ago to save recipes and dream about future homes. Now it’s time to make Pinterest work for us as a way to drive traffic and reach clients.

The first thing I want to point out is that Pinterest is essentially a search engine. You will find all the inspiration you are looking for, and it is helpful to remember what it’s like from a user perspective. Now, let’s dive in to how sharing content can help your business.

how to use pinterest for your business to drive traffic

Consistency is key on this platform and the best way to do so is with the program tailwind. Pins are scheduled and posted with a small investment of time. If you are new to tailwind and want a free month click here.

This allows you to easily share fresh pins instead of repeats that may already be circulating. There are three main ways I like to share content through tailwind and I have outlined them in this video.

three ways to share content to pinterest

  • Pin from your blog : if you already update your blog regularly you can schedule from those posts. It is an easy set to add in monthly if you have a blog workflow.
  • Bulk upload : in tailwind you can upload a set of images and customize the link they go to. So, new images related to an old post can drive traffic
  • Create pins in Canva : design a fresh pin by including text / images / video and clearly reaching your audience (like the one below)
how to use pinterest for your business

optimize your pins

Optimize your pins by including a clear (searchable) title, a description that is relevant and interesting while leading people to a clear next step. Pin to relevant and specific boards and include simple hashtags.

Similar to Instagram stories, story pins are a set of slides and or video. It is possible to take pieces of your video content elsewhere and use as tutorials or clips for these pins.

planning the path from pinterest to you

Now that you have a sense of how to drive traffic, start at the beginning. What type of person do you want to reach? What step do they need to take when they find you?

For example, if you are a wedding photographer like me, you might want to find couples who are searching for photos from their venue. Once they find your work and visit your site, make sure it is easy to contact you.

Leave a comment if you have a question, and if you are interested in more business tips and advice as I run my business join my email list.

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