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Gather Greene Engagement

Gather Greene is a Catskills wedding venue you will fall in love with. So, when Nora + Emmett booked a trip for their engagement session, I was thrilled to photograph them in the space.

black and white photo of lights of pavilion over couple standing close | Gather Greene Catskills wedding venue | photo by Mary Dougherty
woman looks through pavilion at Gather Greene, a Catskills wedding venue | photo by Mary Dougherty

These two lovebirds met way back in the day. If you are picturing that time when you debate who to go to dances with you are in the right year. Of course being young they broke up and got back together a few times. While their relationship spanned time and distance it ultimately allowed them to build something that will last. Their engagement was a welcome celebration for all, and will be held this June at the Inns of Aurora.

They lived in New York City until recently and are taking the opportunity to move to London and experience life abroad after their wedding.

Gather Greene

Take a look at Gather Greene. With a soaring pavilion as the centerpiece of the space, slatted wooden beams create a unique patterns as light passes through. 17 Cabins sit nearby in the woods, both looking out over the Berkshires and nestled in the woods.

Nora and Emmett booked their stay for a quite weekend in December. It was the perfect escape from New York City, a tiny hotel room in the woods with nature all around.



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