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on a Virginia farm: Mike + Nikki’s esession

Mary Dougherty

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It was gorgeous. There were wide stretches of land and open fields, mountains in the distance and grasses blowing in the wind. I know the country has grown on me, even though I grew up in a close to opposite location. My destination was Culpepper, Virginia and Nikki’s parent’s family farm. It was the location not only for their engagement session but for their October wedding. It was wonderful to get a feel for the area and meet up with Mike, Nikki, and her family and I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to photographing their wedding. I think you’ll be excited to see it as well.

I’m sure the wedding is going to be amazing. The view you see above will be visible for the ceremony and the reception will take place in and around a barn on their property. I know they have work to do to get ready, but I think it’s going to be completely worth it in the end.

Don’t be fooled by the country setting. Mike and Nikki are New Yorkers now – even more so than I – and love living in the city. Not only that, but they’re pretty much what I would classify as world travelers. They like to take a three day weekend and hop on a plane to Amsterdam, Holland, Paris, you name it. This is the beginning of many more adventures for these two.

Mike and Nikki have a great twin lens reflex camera that they’ve used on some of their trips. Since there’s a darkroom in Nikki’s house she prints some of their images and enjoys photography… maybe we’ll see more from her some day. We loaded up some film in the camera for the esession and Mike and Nikki took some pictures of each other. I sent the film off to be developed and I bet it’s done but en route due to our change of address. I hope they turn out and if so I’ll have to do a second post of those.

Nikki you’re gorgeous! I can’t wait to photograph you on your wedding day

I asked them what the plan was for their honeymoon. They’re going big : Africa. Tanzania and Kenya to be exact.

We headed out into a field where some of the cows were grazing to get them in some of the shots. I learned that the cow they’ll be serving at the wedding is already picked out – I know that sounds weird but it doesn’t get more local than that.

I love those b+w’s and you know you can’t wait for their wedding. I certainly can’t.

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