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Sassafras Flowers : Rochester, New York

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Wow. I still can’t believe how gorgeous these flowers were. I teamed up with Sassafras Flowers in Rochester New York for a recent wedding inspiration shoot & engagement session and was absolutely delighted to work with them. I know you’re waiting to see more of the engagement + wedding shoots that theses flowers were featured in, but I just had to show you what Sassafras did first. It’s not often when flowers are taken past the realm of arranging and into the world of art, but that’s what owner Maura Harrison does. Her creations are thoughtful and detailed and I love the variety she made for us to work with. I have yet to photograph a wedding with her work, but I can’t wait when I do.

Let’s start with some of the boutonnieres, and featured below you see variegated parrot tulip, mokara orchid, ranunculus, phalaenopsis orchid, variegated tulip, muscari (grape hyacinth) & succulent, dendrobium orchid & lilygrass twist, muscari & ranunculus bud. (thanks margaret for identifying everything!) I love all of them, but if I had to choose both of the boutonnieres second from the left are my favs.

We had a letterpress theme going on for the wedding shoot so I used some of the wood type Margaret brought for these next few, and I love how it turned out! Margaret does letterpress and works out of the Genesee Center for the Arts in Rochester as well. She made a few signs for us that I’m excited to be giving away – look for that when I post the wedding shoot!

Now let’s look at one of the bouquets, which include hellebores, ranunculus, light pink tulips & white and pink parrot tulips…

This bouquet was so soft and dreamy with tons of detail and texture. I looove ranunculus – those are the flowers that are both open with the yellow center, and closed with tons of petals (right below the open one on the right, above)

and a few more of a trio of boutonnieres… I think they would look amazing for a wedding party.

…and finally the gorgeous succulent bouquet that Margaret + Luke had for their engagement session. It was soo amazing and unique. The big funky plant is a succulent (called echeveria), the tall twisty flowers are foxglove (poisonous!), the green lilies are green goddess calla lilies and the others are aubergine calla lilies, the cool yellow flower is called pincushion protea. If you want to run away with this bouquet you’re not alone, I’m in love with it. I hope this gives you some inspiration for your wedding flowers, and I seriously think anyone planning a wedding in Rochester, Buffalo, Finger Lakes or the general western New York area needs to talk to Sassafras to see what they can do for you!

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