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Letchworth Film Engagement Session

Mary Dougherty

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Letchworth is a location I know well, but I’ve never captured it on film. Jessie and Kyle chose to come down to the park for their engagement session and opt for a location both a bit more natural and private. It was beautiful. Both to see the way the park photographed and get to know Jessie and Kyle’s easy going relationship. Their creativity manifests it self in different ways but they compliment each other well.

They, like most of my couples, are very interested in capturing authentic imagery of their wedding day… but they don’t necessarily want the spotlight. Engagement sessions are the perfect way to establish our relationship and get a feel for being in front of the camera so that it is not unknown on the wedding day. Their fall wedding is going to be here before we know it and I can not wait to join with family and friends to celebrate and document the day!!


This whole year I have been incorporating medium format film into my portfolio and shooting it alongside digital for my clients. All of these images in this post have been shot on film on my Contax645 with Kodak Portra 400 + 160 developed by the FIND lab. I love the soft creamy look of film, and have to say that when I do it right I prefer it over digital. I’m still figuring out my workflow and approach and look forward to shooting and sharing more in this medium. Let me know what you think!film_engagement_mary_dougherty03film_engagement_mary_dougherty04film_engagement_mary_dougherty05film_engagement_mary_dougherty06film_engagement_mary_dougherty07film_engagement_mary_dougherty08film_engagement_mary_dougherty09film_engagement_mary_dougherty10film_engagement_mary_dougherty11film_engagement_mary_dougherty12film_engagement_mary_dougherty13film_engagement_mary_dougherty14film_engagement_mary_dougherty15film_engagement_mary_dougherty16film_engagement_mary_dougherty17film_engagement_mary_dougherty18film_engagement_mary_dougherty19film_engagement_mary_dougherty20

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