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Thankfully my seo was good enough that Tiffany found me. She’s kind of an seo queen, at least in my world, and is helping me be more intentional with my site now. When she and her husband moved to Buffalo from Arizona for his residency she got in touch with me. It took a while to actually meet in person, but soon we did and built a relationship sharing our journey as both photographers and moms together. Sadly, the residency has ended and it’s time to move back to Arizona, but at least I can add it to my list of places to visit when western New York is too cold for me this winter!

This mother’s day I did something different. I planned a day of photography at the Foundry Suites in Buffalo. There were a few reasons for doing so, the first being that spending mother’s day together and photographing families is one of the best presents you can give a mom (am I right?). The second is that a smaller session grouped with others is more affordable than planning a private one. The third reason is that shooting in a gorgeous space like the suite we had allowed those of us who don’t have perfectly decorated homes, or are renting and have not invested in our living space to capture images that reflect our aesthetic. I say “our” because we are in that boat. We are thankful to be renting and to not have the challenge of selling a house in our area… but as a result we do not live in a space that reflects us – or one that I want to be photographed in. Mini sessions solved that problem because we shot in a gorgeous light filled location. While this shoot took place in Buffalo I think the next one will either be outside or in Rochester – but I’m not sure what indoor location would work there – give me suggestions!

Since this was my first day of mini sessions there were only a few people who took me up on my offer. I’m so glad Tiffany was one of them and I’m sharing her favorite images today to show what we captured! I hope you enjoy and if you want to be invited to the next mini session contact me through the menu above and I can’t wait to hear from you!


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