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how_to_blog_photo-4I have been blogging regularly for seven years. Wow that sounds so long, I don’t think I’ve ever said that out loud. It’s something I started to share my work and grow my business, but in the process I’ve become incredibly loyal to posting. Each time I hear from a friend that they love keeping up through my blog, or am encouraged my a new comment or share, the loyalty grows. Considering that I’ve started at least 4 different journals in the past 7 years leads me to believe that this is extraordinary… and has taken the place of all four journals.

So you might be wondering “how do I blog regularly?” since you are thinking of starting a blog, or are inconsistent in writing posts for your current blog. Let me help. I’ll share all my secrets so that you find out I don’t really have any, and that you too can be just like me – or better yet – just like you.

The first thing I did when I started blogging… was to start blogging. I was not a great writer, I was not as good of a photographer as I am now, and yet I continued to hit the publish button. That’s probably the hardest part, because it’s easy to feel insecure about what you are creating. It’s easier to keep everything inside and not let anyone judge you. However, when you decide that it’s worth it to pursue your dreams, you dive in, and that’s what I did. The good news is that the more you write, the better you get.


What’s regular? For me, posting regularly currently means 4-5 times a week in the busy season, 3-5 times in the off season. While that could change, for now I enjoy both sharing my recent work, pieces of my personal life, and information for photographers + friends. What’s regular for you may be based on how much content you can create, how much time you have, how many times you write and re-write and re-re-write you posts. The key is to decide on the consistency that will work for you.


What will I post? The deciding factor when figuring out how to blog regularly is figuring out what you will post ahead of time. Trust me, I’ve spent all day writing a post and I’ve spent an hour getting a post ready for the next day. I choose the latter. Now, full disclosure this was my first time breaking out post it notes to color categorize my posts and plan for the month… but I might be hooked. This is how I planned the month :

  • categorize your blog posts | I have four areas I consistently blog about : personal, photography, business, recent work. While some posts overlap it’s easier for me to come up with content and balance what I write by starting with a bigger picture. Yours might be more specific but find a way to differentiate one post from another
  • list potential posts | For me this list is fluid, and I add to it throughout the month and save ideas until they are ready to share. There are also a few regular posts that I put up every month and of course creating a consistent topic can not only help you save time trying to think of something new, but can draw people back when they know what to expect. I know each month I’m going to post an image to download and Alaina knows it too! I know that Tierney is currently writing every Tuesday about something healthy and non-toxic and I’m pretty sure her readership has grown since she started doing so.
  • schedule your posts | once I have my list of post ideas I schedule them for the month. This is where I broke out the post-its and made it look pretty. Pink posts are personal, blue photography related, chartreuse business related, and orange are recent shoots. Balancing the color meant that their was variety in the month and was easy to do so. Each area had 4-5 posts which filled up four weeks for me.
  • write you posts in advance | Anytime you can take away the stress of a task it’s a good thing. Writing you posts in advance – by even just a day – will allow you to complete the task faster and stay focused on other more important work during the day. What I typically do is gather the needed elements throughout the week and write the day or night before. I schedule my posts for the morning so that they are ready to go between 6-7 and I can go for a run, eat breakfast, or sleep in if my baby lets me.


So, to get started think about the different areas you want to write about. What things are you most passionate about, interested in, driven to pursue? Keep a journal nearby to write down ideas, and then leave that journal behind and start writing your blog.

actually, I still prefer to plan with paper + pencil so I take that back, keep the journal close.

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