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The stars aligned, the dates lined up and we jumped on a plane to fly to Sydney just over a week ago. I’ve always wanted to visit Australia and it’s been an amazing trip so far. With just a few days left I thought I’d share some shots of what I’ve been up to. After the longest travel day I’ve ever endured, we arrived and were greeted by Lynda and Keegan who immediately took us to a delicious brekky. It was there that I discovered my favorite Aussie translation, as arugula = rocket, and is an ingredient you see often. “I’ll have the pizza with prosciutto and rocket…” doesn’t that just sound more fun?

Despite the warnings about the weather, and our knowledge that it was winter in Australia, it was hard to prepare for in the 105 degree heatwave back home. It turns out it really is cold (okay not really I’m just being a wimp) but it’s a different kind of cold that what I expected. There’s a dampness that chills you and since winter really doesn’t last long many houses don’t have heat. I finally understand Ugg boots… they make so much sense and were exactly what I wanted to wear indoors.

We made our way up to sunny Cairns (basically pronounced Cannes – I try not to correct Matt every time) just two days ago and have been in the Australia most people – including myself – envision. Beaches, warm weather, ocean swims, and of course warnings of crocodile sightings. We are currently in a resort type hotel unlike anything we’ve experienced before, and became one of “those people” when we ate lunch at the swim up bar. It’s not typically “us” but this time the resort sounded exactly like what we wanted… and we were sold with the balcony whirlpool tub. It’s as real of a vacation as they come, and even though I’m taking time behind the scenes to do some work each day I love the chance to spend time at a slower pace. Tomorrow we go out on the reef and we are so looking forward to it and hoping for good weather and minimal seasickness.

We had gracious hosts for our time in Sydney and in fact everyone has been warm and welcoming. Between the “right on ya” and “no, worries” it’s hard to not feel at home. Each day we’ve sought out a good cup of coffee (cappuccino or flat white, please!) and have enjoyed local favorites including Tim Tam’s. If you haven’t yet forgiven me for taking vacation in the middle of wedding season then perhaps I can bribe you… as I’d love to send a package of Tim Tam’s to one commenter (either blog or fb) on this post. Just leave a hello and I’ll sneak some in to my suitcase and send them off when I return. Hopefully they stay in great shape, I’ll do my best.


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