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We are back in the states and our adventure in Australia has come to a close. There really isn’t a way to sum the whole trip up into a few neat sentences, but if you’re interested in hearing some ramblings then continue reading.

First, I have to say that joining Lynda + Keegan for their wedding was amazing. You will soon see that Lynda is one of the most thoughtful brides that I’ve worked with and has amazing organizational skills which made all of the details of her day come together beautifully. While she didn’t necessarily plan the weather, I’m sure it was something they prayed about and their prayers were answered with one of the nicest winter days in Sydney our whole time there. Keegan and Lynda are just all around amazing people who care about others and in turn have a lot of people who care about them, so I can’t wait to show all of you who were in attendance, and the many of you who lived too far to make the trip, what their wedding looked like.

While the wedding gave us a reason to plan the trip and take the step to get out to Australia, once we knew we were going it was a matter of narrowing down what we wanted to do and see during our time there. We added extra time to our stay so that we could have a vacation and take some time to ourselves, which was incredibly worth it. As I mentioned, I feel super guilty taking vacation in the middle of a busy photography season, so I’m incredibly grateful to everyone I’m currently working with for being understanding. Also, I know the break was somewhat needed as the next 12 weekends are booked solid and it was nice to relax and prepare for the next busy stretch.

Our decision to head north to Cairns for five days was the best choice we could have made, since the southern part of the country was experiencing winter which meant 50’s and likely rain. We stayed in Palm Cove which is a much more quiet town north of Cairns and spent a few days enjoying the ocean and sun, visited a coffee plantation, and spent a full day on the reef. The reef was the highlight as we sailed out with a small group of 27 and snorkeled right off the boat to see amazing fish, turtles, sharks, and more! While Cairns was sunny and warm and Sydney somewhat cold and damp simply because of the time of year, they are both amazing places… and I can just say if you have been thinking about going to Australia or some day want to – I hope you get the chance!

It was a bit strange stepping off the plane yesterday and getting back to American culture. Walking on the right side of the sidewalk instead of the left, eating at restaurants where you can add unlimited salad or soup for $1.50 to your meal, seeing only chains and big stores over cafes and small businesses. While that doesn’t represent the whole of America, or Australia for that matter, there are certainly big cultural differences. It was nice to be in Australia long enough to get to know the place and feel comfortable, but as always it’s good to be home.

Before we are actually back in our own house, we are spending a few days in Montana for a wedding I’ve been looking forward to for quite some time. One of my good friends from high school is getting married and not only am I going to take some pictures but I’ll be catching up with wonderful friends I only see every 2-3 years! I’m so excited for this and will be sure to keep you updated!

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