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Elegant Buffalo Wedding at The Statler

Mary Dougherty

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It was summer in New York, which felt more like spring for those coming from Savannah. Today they were preparing for their elegant Buffalo wedding at the Statler City but years ago that was where they met. Two northerners adjusting to life in the south found each other with the help of friends. While they approached that first date with uncertainty, on this day there was no question. They were getting married and in front of family and friends exchanged vows and celebrated their love. It really is a beautiful thing, to see two people join their lives together, and yet it goes by too fast. The day you want to experience more of flies by, however looking back at all of the images makes you remember once again.


Elegant Buffalo Wedding at The Statler

The day was a portrait of sorts with soft details countering strong lines. It was equal parts elegant and carefree with sparkling gray and light tulle dresses of all different varieties and crisp navy suits. Downtown Buffalo set the stage for beautiful backdrops and iconic architecture and the Statler provided a fitting venue to celebrate and dance the night away.


If one thing was clear throughout the evening, it was how much Rachel and Ryan not only loved each other, but had an amazing group of friends and family surrounding them. I can’t think of a better way to start a marriage and am so glad that I was able to play a small part in this time of their lives. Getting to know them and creating images to look back on was truly a joy! Congratulations once again Rachel + Ryan and here are a few of my favorites…


Does Rachel remind you of Cinderella or am I the only one?


One of my favorite things are seeing everyone come together and have fun during the reception. Since all of the main events are done for the bride + groom it’s easier for them to take a deep breath and have fun.


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