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Black and White Sky Armory Wedding

It was pretty simple : an elegant, black and white Sky Armory wedding in Syracuse. However, if you have ever planned a wedding you know it is never that simple. There are a million different decisions to be made that will make up what you experience as your wedding day. Matt and Andrea did a […]


It was pretty simple : an elegant, black and white Sky Armory wedding in Syracuse. However, if you have ever planned a wedding you know it is never that simple. There are a million different decisions to be made that will make up what you experience as your wedding day. Matt and Andrea did a good job making all of them.

Black and White Sky Armory Wedding : the details

They pulled together details perfectly to fit their modern vision : an expertly tailored Essence of Australia gown from Silk Bridal, nude Christian Louboutin pumps, simple typography with perfect kerning, beautiful letterpress, Ray-Ban’s for all the groomsmen, geometric hanging glass lanterns, to name a few. It all fit their aesthetic of luxury and comfort – as evidence by the mini chicken + waffle appetizers that were passed around during cocktail hour. What I hope you recognize as quickly is that all the beauty in this day is a real representation of the love they share.


good typography is just stunning – I’m so impressed with Minted and their support of designers everywhere


This Essence of Australia gown? It’s perfection. She found it at Silk bridal and It looked like the most comfortable thing to wear and fit Andrea so well it’s crazy.



Black and White Sky Armory Wedding : the couple

Matt and Andrea were among the most joyful and easy going on their wedding day. It sounds simple, but I think it’s due to the fact that they were focused on each other. When the day came it wasn’t about the things – the shoes, food, brands, etc..  it was about their love. The sacrifices they make for each other, the consistency with which they pursue each other and the devotion they have daily brought them to this wedding day. What they planned to experience with everyone was a reflection of not just their taste but their relationship. Obviously I have only known them for about a year, but I can see they have all of the tools to make their marriage last. That is really what this is about. So enjoy these images, which speak to the amazing couple, their relationship and the day they celebrated with those they love.


Black and White Sky Armory Wedding : the reception

A Black and White Sky Armory Wedding looks like what the venue was made for. It’s loft like setting was just the right kind of canvas for Andrea and Matt. The dance floor was black and white, the tables had sleek black table clothes and rows of candles and flowers, and lanterns hung through out the space to add ambient light and a decorative touch.


We used the gorgeous campus of Syracuse University as a location to take pictures. It had beautiful light for us to shoot in mid-day and the architecture is stunning. When looking for photo locations I love to take into consideration how well it will play into the style of the day and this was a perfect choice.


Black and White Sky Armory Wedding : the ceremony

Once ready, we drove to the church and the ceremony began! I think a great way to avoid spending extra time waiting is to arrive in time for the ceremony. It meant more relaxed time to get ready and was the perfect choice for their schedule.


Sky Armory was the setting for their black and white loft wedding reception in the heart of Syracuse. It was a gorgeous, intimate space that served up great food + drink all night long… like these mini chicken and waffles I told you about.

Among the beautiful details were the floating desserts – the macarons hanging in glass ornaments and being refilled regularly. I’ve never seen that before!

During the reception there was a break for cigars on the rooftop next door. Everyone who wanted to join came out and took in the sunset with Matt until Andrea came out to tell him that Whip + Nae Nae was playing and he rushed back to slay the dance floor.

Grandma’s gone wild!! She was hilarious

After a night filled with dancing the party didn’t stop – but I did stop taking pictures. It was an amazing wedding for a beautiful couple and I loved being a part of it!

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