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West Village Engagement

Mary Dougherty

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This West Village engagement is easily a favorite. After tossing around ideas about where and when engagement photos could take place – when they were in Ithaca for a cousin’s wedding, or up in Vermont visiting their venue (West Mountain Inn)- Meg and Chris decided it made the most sense to capture them in the place they call home. They love their neighborhood, and anyone who has been to the West Village understands why, and had lived there for several years since both finishing their graduate work at Dartmouth.


Walking the streets they knew and loved and capturing who they are at this point in time sounded like the perfect idea to me. I like helping people find a way to be authentic in their photographs and at ease with the process. That’s really what engagement sessions are about. I hear often that people say “We’re not really planning on doing anything with the photos” or “We don’t know if we will use them for anything” and I understand. However, being able to say “This is the summer before we were married when we used to live in New York City” as they sit and tell their grandchildren the story of how they met… well that can mean a lot. So you might not plaster your walls with images of yourself, but you could find one or two to print and hang and remember what it felt like to anticipate what your wedding would be.


I always love an excuse to travel, so going to New York City was a treat and gave me fresh eyes on this little section of the city. I took full advantage of being in the area and planned my trip first around photos and second around food. A quick sidenote – you have to go try 00+Co if you love pizza and interested in trying something new. It was so good!

In a few weeks I’ll be up in Vermont with Meg and Chris and I look forward to seeing everyone there! Until then enjoy these images we captured and I’d love to hear what are your favorites. I We walked around finding the best light and beautiful streets and had so much fun talking about life and their upcoming wedding in Vermont.


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