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Anniversary Session | Alexandra Elise

One year after their wedding day, Ali and Zach dressed up once more. This time, she – Alexandra Elise – would be in front of the camera instead of behind it.


One year after their wedding day, Ali and Zach dressed up once more. This time, it was for their anniversary session, and she – Alexandra Elise would be in front of the camera instead of behind it. She slipped into her delicate Sarah Janks gown – that still fit perfectly – and Zach wore a linen suit, a more casual look to his wedding attire.

Why Have an Anniversary Session

An anniversary session was something they knew they wanted to do, and here are some of the reasons you might want one of your own :

1. To take pictures that didn’t happen on the wedding day

2. To shoot in a location that is completely different

3. To celebrate your first year



Alexandra Elise + Zach

As high school sweethearts they had a long history. Their lives were connected and intertwined in a beautiful way. To love someone and be loved in return is one of the greatest parts of the human experience. You can see the first part of this anniversary session in this post, and enjoy the images we captured in Corning outside by the river and in their loft.


I love shooting film for sessions like this, not only because of the beautiful color and texture it produces, but because of the pace it gives us. It feels entirely different to slow things down and create intention with your images. I used a variety of film stocks and both 120 + 35mm on my Contax 645 and Canon. Kodak portra 800 was the main stock and I pushed it one stop in development. Thanks to the Find Lab for amazing development + scans!


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