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Bohemian Wedding | Josh + Michelle

Josh was in town from Philadelphia for the wedding of dear friends, and Michelle was working on a typical Friday night at the Cove. It was the night of the rehearsal dinner and Josh joined family and friends for an evening of sharing stories, good food, dancing. A favorite of locals, the Cove was once […]


Josh was in town from Philadelphia for the wedding of dear friends, and Michelle was working on a typical Friday night at the Cove. It was the night of the rehearsal dinner and Josh joined family and friends for an evening of sharing stories, good food, dancing. A favorite of locals, the Cove was once again packed as guests enjoyed live music but tonight there were a few unfamiliar faces. Always a conversationalist, Josh took a break from the dance floor for a drink and struck up a conversation. Never one to pick up guys, Michelle was reluctant to talk to the guy sitting down at the bar… but she did, and that’s how Josh and Michelle first met.

They took a chance and kept the conversation going after that weekend was over. As the correspondence grew between them so did their desire to make this work. Phone calls turned in to road trips and the long distance relationship began. It was a journey to get to the day you see photographed here, and through it they learned that they didn’t want to live without each other.

When a friend finds someone they love it’s an amazing thing, and something to be celebrated. I was fortunate to be at the wedding of Laura and Travis – and at the rehearsal dinner the night Josh and Michelle met – and then join Josh and Michelle a few years after for their own day. Their wedding was certainly one of my favorites, as they planned a day that was as fun and relaxed as can be. It flowed seamlessly, had no signs of stress, and fit the couple’s style and personality so well. It’s difficult to photograph and enjoy a wedding day, but I’m happy to say I did. I hope you all enjoy the images from the day as much as I enjoyed documenting and creating them, and congrats again Josh and Michelle we are so happy for you!

the wedding was held at Stonefields, a pre-confederation farm outside of Ottawa with a historical stone farmhouse, picture-perfect log buildings and charming country gardens. It was one of the best all inclusive wedding sites I’ve been too with the convenience of having everything in one place as well as the endless variety and detail of their locations and buildings.


Michelle had her bridesmaids choose their dresses and kept the color palette to earthy neutrals. It added so much personality and loved their choices!


The historic barns and variety of buildings on the property allowed enough space for both the guys and girls to prepare, as well as a stunning backdrop for photos. What more can you ask for in a wedding site?


I’ve always loved a piano in a field, but never figured out the logistics of getting one out there. This piano is part of the location = dream come true.


I loved how Michelle kept things simple. She looked stunning, and chose bare feet for most of the day and simple embellishments to her ensemble that kept things carefree.


Before taking the picture above, I told Josh + Michelle just to stand how they normally would. They did, and I love this picture. It’s 100% them which is what I always try to work towards.


the gorgeous bridal party


we had time for some fun before the ceremony… in fact we had more than enough time for all of the pictures. I’ll have to post a schedule of their day later on for those of you interested in how they had such a stress free wedding.


a piece of fabric from each of their favorite shirts were braided with white, to represent God binding them together. It was passed around throughout the ceremony to represent the involvement of community and each person present that day, and in their lives.


After the ceremony, Stonefields set up a quiet picnic for the couple to enjoy before joining in with their guests at cocktail hour. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything so thoughtful from a venue. It was perfect for Josh and Michelle to stop and enjoy their first moments as husband and wife.


the reception began and so did the party which lasted into the night…


…full of speeches and stories, dancing….


…and of course even more dancing. Complete with a midnight snack of poutine!! how perfect. who doesn’t want fries with cheese curds and gravy after a few hours on the dance floor? This wedding is hard to sum up and describe but it many different ways, it was perfect.


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