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Elegant Library Wedding : Lynda + Keegan

Mary Dougherty

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elegant_library_wedding01It was a beautiful winter morning. In fact it didn’t feel like winter at all, not for Australia and definitely not for this New Yorker. The sun started to peer through clouds and greet the bridesmaids, who were already getting ready at Lynda’s family home. It was a house where the doors were always open, not only for Lynda and her three siblings, but for their friends as well. The Thoms’ house held a lot of memories and today Lynda added one more.

A few years earlier that one of the four clocks – one for each of the Thoms kids, to keep track of the time zones they were all in – was switched to eastern standard time. Lynda went to Canada to work at Teen Ranch, and this time she came back just a little bit different. Keegan was dashing (and in love with all things Australian) and while they couldn’t help but notice each other they saw Australian and Canadian couples before them who struggled with the distance when they returned home. So, they were cautious. Of course, caution doesn’t keep people from falling in love, and there was something they saw in each other that they couldn’t let go of when they returned home. It was something that led them to a relationship, often a very long distance one, that included many trans continental voyages and eventually led to the day you see here.

If you know Lynda, and Keegan, you can see that “something different” in them as well. It’s not just the ways in which they are alike, but the way in which they compliment each other that makes their relationship so strong. On that sunny winter day, Lynda and Keegan met at the church to marry their best friend. I can’t say enough good things about them, or express how amazing it was to have the chance to not only visit Australia but photograph their day. However, I think the images will do a good job tell that story, so enjoy and congratulations once again, Keegan + Lynda!!elegant_library_wedding02elegant_library_wedding03elegant_library_wedding04elegant_library_wedding05elegant_library_wedding06elegant_library_wedding07elegant_library_wedding08elegant_library_wedding09elegant_library_wedding10elegant_library_wedding11elegant_library_wedding12elegant_library_wedding13elegant_library_wedding14elegant_library_wedding15elegant_library_wedding16elegant_library_wedding17elegant_library_wedding18elegant_library_wedding19elegant_library_wedding20elegant_library_wedding21elegant_library_wedding22elegant_library_wedding23elegant_library_wedding24elegant_library_wedding25elegant_library_wedding26elegant_library_wedding27elegant_library_wedding28elegant_library_wedding29elegant_library_wedding30elegant_library_wedding31elegant_library_wedding32elegant_library_wedding33elegant_library_wedding34elegant_library_wedding35elegant_library_wedding36elegant_library_wedding37elegant_library_wedding38elegant_library_wedding39elegant_library_wedding40elegant_library_wedding41elegant_library_wedding42elegant_library_wedding43elegant_library_wedding44elegant_library_wedding45elegant_library_wedding46elegant_library_wedding47elegant_library_wedding48elegant_library_wedding49elegant_library_wedding50elegant_library_wedding51elegant_library_wedding52elegant_library_wedding53elegant_library_wedding54elegant_library_wedding55elegant_library_wedding56elegant_library_wedding57elegant_library_wedding58elegant_library_wedding59elegant_library_wedding60elegant_library_wedding61elegant_library_wedding62elegant_library_wedding63elegant_library_wedding64elegant_library_wedding65elegant_library_wedding66

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