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Adirondack Honeymoon

adirondack honeymoon couple standing in a lake in bathing suits hackwith design Lake Placid swim by Mary Dougherty

The Adirondacks have a calm beauty and invite you to adventure, which is why you should consider an Adirondack honeymoon. Mountains and lakes are abundant, and so many quite spaces make you feel as though you have the world to yourself. Luxury resorts will invite you to relax and take in views, while local guides will take you on an outdoor experience that suits your taste.

couples stands and kisses in water in Adirondacks Old Forge, Lake Placid, Saranac Lake, Keene adventure Mary Dougherty

Mary Dougherty Photography is based in Saranac Lake and travels around the world as a wedding photographer to create classic photographs for the modern couple. Hosting a yearly workshop in the Adirondacks allows her to share epic locations and natural beauty with other photographers. Her workshop focuses on relationships, both in the real couples she has model and the attendees looking to improve their life and business. You can learn more here.

The last shoot of the 2019 workshop was a honeymoon session. Capturing the feeling of escaping on a lake with your love and enjoying the quite reflection that being in nature offers, this is what we captured.

Couple stands in lake and embraces bw image of Adirondack honeymoon at the Point by Mary Dougherty Photography
woman looks to the side standing in front of lake in the Adirondacks on honeymoon Lake Placid | Mary Dougherty
Adirondack Honeymoon in Lake Placid Couple stands in water image by Mary Dougherty Wedding Photography
honeymoon couple walks out of lake in Adirondacks Old forge New York  Mary Dougherty Photography
tree leaning out over lake in Adirondacks Saranac Lake, New York Mary Dougherty Photography

Adirondack Honeymoon Guide

Best Adirondack Hotels for a Honeymoon

Best Adirondack Airbnbs

guy holding girl in water kissing in Adirondacks on honeymoon in lake Mary Dougherty
double exposure of couple on film in bathing suits on honeymoon in Adirondacks the Find Lab Fuji 400h Mary Dougherty Photography
Adirondack couple runs into water in lake for honeymoon adventure | Mary Dougherty Photography
bw image of couple kissing in water in Saranac Lake, New York Adirondacks | Mary Dougherty Photography
Lake Placid couple stands in water for a kiss in the Adirondacks | Mary Dougherty Photography
adirondacks lake placid saranac lake couple playing in water bw image by Mary Dougherty



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