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Ace Hotel + by. Chloe

Mary Dougherty

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A visit to NYC

I drove to New York city – stayed at the Ace Hotel and ate at by. Chloe – in between shooting an event at the Bowery. I had time to explore and meet up with Hattie. It was nice to not be by myself while taking pictures. I get self conscious. It happens when I’m picking up my camera to document for myself and someone else hasn’t given me permission to do so. Isn’t that weird? With people around, I can’t help but feel like everyone is wondering why I’m taking a picture. I’m not sure why that’s a bad thing… why does anyone take a picture? Because they want to create? Remember? Share? Maybe it’s the interaction with strangers and the opportunity to have connection or be rejected that I fear. I guess I worry too much about what people think and it’s something I’m trying to get over.

thanks for the therapy session. the way you pause and just let me keep talking is really drawing things out..


It wasn’t anything ground breaking, but carrying my camera around while I travel is something I’m trying to do more off. Not only is there the judgement factor – it’s heavy and let’s face it I don’t want to look like a tourist. I documented a few pieces of my trip to New York City and I’m glad I carried my camera around and created these images.



I met up with Hattie for lunch and coffee and talked about starting at NYU while feeling all together more confident with another person by my side.  I also had the joy of seeing Alana who I met at the Marfa Experience for a few hours and we sat in the lobby at the Ace and talked about traveling, making friends on the internet and photographing weddings.


what’s your favorite NYC hotel to stay in? Usually we go for an airbnb but it’s nice to have a central place with lots of amenities – and the Ace definitely has that. Stumptown Coffee just downstairs? yes, please!


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