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a trip to Hurd Orchards

Mary Dougherty

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I secretly have been wanting to shoot a wedding in an orchard for a while now. So, when Meghan and Mike contacted me about possibly photographing their day next May and told me about their plans for the wedding at Hurd Orchards just west of Rochester, New York… I was thrilled. Of course, it takes a while to choose a photographer and in so many ways it’s like starting a relationship. More important than the fact that a person can take nice pictures is how the act and interact with you – especially on your wedding day. If I as a photographer am able to connect with people I will be able to take much better pictures of them – and on the other side – if people are able to trust me as a photographer they are more likely to open up. It’s usually clear from the beginning if a couple sees wedding photography in the same way.

When I met Meghan and Mike for the first time at Java‘s in Rochester I was even more convinced I wanted to be their photographer. Meghan is the type of person you can’t help but be friends with and she immediately invited me in with details of their plans and stories of their lives. By the end of the conversation we had decided the feeling was mutual and moved ahead with plans for photographing their day. We also started talking about going to the orchard for one of their luncheons, as Meghan suggested it would be a great way to see the site before the wedding and get a feel for the space. The somewhat exclusive sounding luncheon that the orchard puts on is not only a chance to enjoy the location and space but sample some of their in season produce with a local menu.

Yesterday was the Peach Melba luncheon – they all have a theme – and it was the one we attended. The menu centered around peaches, which are currently in season, and they were used in many different ways along with other in season herbs, vegetables and fruits. We sat at a table with three friends who came to celebrate a birthday and it felt like being invited over to a friends house for lunch. The regular decoration of the barn included so many fitting details like dried flowers and old signs for different varieties of apples – it had all of the charm you could ask for and more. For anyone who wants to have a rustic yet elegant barn wedding this is your place. I took a few images yesterday and while it doesn’t really show the wedding space it gives you an idea of what it was like to visit.

After enjoying a delicious meal and wandering through the market we both made a few purchases to bring home left knowing each other better than before. Even though I already could already tell, I know their wedding is going to be a good one.

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