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Pennsylvania Hunting Lodge Wedding : Lindsay + Andy

Mary Dougherty

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la_01This wedding is a gem. Much like the people involved in it, the location and the details, it is a treasure and I felt honored to document the day. Last February I first met with Lindsay and Andy in New York City when I was in for a visit and first heard about their plans for the day. Not only their wedding plans, but the whirlwind that surrounded it – moving back to Williamsport, buying a house, changing jobs, and the list goes on. They are people on the move, who pursue what they are after and make it happen. It is probably what brought them so successfully through Tuck, Dartmouth’s school of business where they first met. At the wedding Andy was described as seeing Lindsay for the first time and knowing that he wanted to marry her. She was equally attracted to him, with his Navy background and pilot’s license ready to take her on any adventure. Of course, their relationship can not be summed up in one sentence, but perhaps it can be more elegantly described through images. So, enjoy this look into their beautiful wedding day in Williamsport, PA.

Choosing to use Rifle Paper Co. for their printed pieces, they embodied the spirit of the wedding day and gave guests a pretty accurate picture of the reception location, Gray’s Run. la_03la_04la_05

The boys prepared at the house while the girls used the country club to get ready. Andy wore Ralph Lauren, and obvious choice from Lindsay career with the label. She chose to wear another classic, Vera Wang.


I absolutely love lush peonies in any bouquet, and Lindsay wore a long veil like no other. Simply timeless. la_11la_12la_13

While the ceremony was taking place it momentarily poured outside. It was perfect timing.la_14la_15la_16la_17la_18la_19la_20

After making everything official we headed up to Gray’s Run, the hunting club Lindsay’s family has been a part of for many years. Although the rain made everything a bit cloudy, the light was soft and romantic which is perfect for a wedding day. The club is nestled in to the foothills of the Pennsylvania mountains, which makes it both remote and absolutely breathtaking. la_21la_22la_23la_24la_25la_26

The main lodge is a home away from home for members during hunting season and has just enough creature comforts to keep you satisfied but not too many to take away from the rustic nature of the place. Inside are multiple trophies and achievements as seen in the antlers and heads of game mounted on the wall. The custom flag seen below was created by a talented cousin of the bride and groom, Melody Martin. She was kind enough to recommend me in the first place and is how I ended up photographing the day.  Thanks again Melody!la_27la_28

watch out! the club has various historic details and records of past members which was fun to look back on. la_30la_31la_32la_33la_34la_35

When we had some time to take photographs of just Lindsay and Andy, they were naturals. We had the perfect amount of time before the guests arrived and cocktail hour started and took their pictures in a total of 30 minutes. Part of what made them so successful and easy to take was the fact that Lindsay and Andy were able to enjoy the process and relax. It’s a moment for any couple to step back from the day and slow down time.


When the reception officially kicked off, it was time to party. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a wedding more excited to get on the dance floor… of course it helped that Bud Maltin Metropolitan Music came over from NYC to perform. They were amazing.


It was a full day of celebrating the lives of Andy and Lindsay and sending them off as husband and wife. See all the images from the day over at the full gallery, and thank you again for inviting me to be a part of such a special day! la_86

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