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One Hour at the MET

I spent one night in the city and packed in as much as I could before and after, which included one hour at MET. I started my visit with a family session by Lincoln Center then I rode a citibike across Central Park. Finding the stations to bring it back to took some time as well as navigating closed streets for a parade, but overall it was relatively easy. I hopped in line for my quick visit on this gorgeous June Sunday and soon made it in.

While I didn’t have time to take in a full exhibit I knew a short one hour at the Met would be worthwhile. I saw several photographs and peeked into the Camp Exhibit, then found my way looking at some Monets and Van Goghs. What would you look at if you had just an hour?

The space is so beautiful I just love experiencing the architecture and art and plan to bring my kids here next trip. The subway is the highlight of their NYC visits typically but maybe this will sway them.


On my way out to the bikes I walked alongside these friends and captured these red pants! I think I need a pair. I rode over to my hotel and got ready for my engagement session near the flatiron. It’s amazing how much you can do in one day.

  1. Liz says:

    Even a short and sweet visit to the Met is great! I would probably do the same, an exhibit plus some classics like Monet. Also isn’t it great to be able to grab a bike? Though finding a dock can be tough. I’ve been riding the Bluebikes in Boston to work occasionally.

  2. yes! so true. Inspiring just to be in that space. Love the bikes and finding a dock is the one downside.


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