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New York City Family Photos

I created this set of New York City family photos a few weeks ago for Rachel + Ed. It was our fourth shoot together, and it truly gets better with time to work with couples. Their Vermont wedding started things off – actually I met Rachel when she was a bridesmaid for a friend. I find some of the best connections happen in person, through relationships and friends. I am so grateful for the couples who continually share my work and invite me back into their lives.

Central Park Family Photos

This visit there were a few changes as they were now a family of 5! It’s always a bit crazy to say out loud, especially because Matt and I have three kids too. Since so much happens in life so quickly, I love stepping in to capture moments that you barely have the time to appreciate and enjoy.

I can’t be the only parent that feels that way, right? We actually started at their gorgeous apartment garden – a terrance that overlooks Lincoln Center, and then made our way to Central Park.

A view of Lincoln Center

Can you believe these views? So amazing. We spent and hour or two before the shoot figuring out what outfits would work, where we wanted to spend our time, and planning a schedule that worked with naps and the happiest time of the day (morning!)

One of my other secrets from this shoot was reminding Jack of dump trucks, construction and basically his happy place. His face lit up each time I reminded him of how fun they are and described what he should think about.

What do you think? Are you ready to start planning your own session? I have several portrait options to share and you can get on my travel list so that you know the next time I’m nearby!



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