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Winter Proposal in the Adirondacks

e Adirondacks is as magical as you think. When planning a proposal the element of surprise is key. We had all of that and more.

Winter Proposal in the Adirondacks at the Lake Placid Lodge by Mary Dougherty

A winter proposal in the Adirondacks is as magical as you think it is, especially in Lake Placid. When planning a proposal the element of surprise is key. We had all of that and more. Surrounded by snow, the mountains and the lake Luca got down on one knee and asked Michelle to marry him. It was so special and I love the surprise and delight that comes with photographing proposals. Get to know me, Mary Dougherty, and see the work I do by clicking here.

Winter Proposal in the Adirondacks at the Lake Placid Lodge

With a trip to the Lake Placid Lodge planned (by Michelle, no less) there was every reason to think a proposal wasn’t going to happen. Luca didn’t plan the trip, didn’t seem concerned about what was happening and generally did an amazing job keeping cool. Her friends were in on it too, acting genuinely surprised when she started to guess maybe this could be it and encouraging her to bring the dress she wanted to wear!

Although their trip to France was canceled #becausecovid this winter getaway was so memorable and meaningful. Also, with the Adirondacks being a quick trip up from the city (am I the only one who thinks that?) it’s an easy getaway to return to.

The dock at the lodge is so festive with the tree especially when lit up at night.

woman looks at camera while man kisses cheek | just engaged at the Lake Placid Lodge by Mary Dougherty

Adirondack Proposal Photographer

As a destination wedding photographer based in the Adirondacks, I typically only photograph proposals here. The advantage is that I am very familiar with all of the locations, weather and lighting. Often times it is nice to know you can make a last minute decision if needed and I can guide you to do so.

When documenting a proposal, we lay out the plan in advance. This usually happens on the phone and over email, as I help narrow down the locations and talk through what will unfold. While the proposal is photographed with a documentary style, after we spend 20 minutes capturing a mini engagement session. This is a great way to use the location and shoot images that will tell more of the story of your visit.

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couple kisses on the dock at the lake placid lodge in the winter
black and white photo of couple kissing with back to camera and engagement ring on hand
couple stands close together with hand outstretched and engagement ring on

Are you ready to start planning your trip to the lodge? It’s a beautiful place to visit any time of year. When you do, reach out and we can schedule a portrait session.

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