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Snowy Engagement Photos in Lake Placid

Snowy Engagement Photos in Lake Placid by Adirondack Wedding Photographer Mary Dougherty

This is the snowy engagement session of my dreams. Shot in Lake Placid, I took my couple to a set of the nearby trails I know and love. As an Adirondack based + destination wedding photographer I love sharing the place I call home with couples. Many come up for vacation, or propose, and some have engagement photos or their wedding here.

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Back to this perfectly snowy day with Colleen + Seb. Their vacation was to the nearby Mirror Lake Inn, one of the best Lake Placid hotels to stay at. The simple color palette of their outfits perfectly complemented the scene. Don’t you love Colleen’s hooded camel long coat? I found a similar coat here, in case you are shopping for one.

Snowy Engagement Photos

The best way to plan for snowy engagement photos is to take a trip to a snowy place (like the Adirondacks) and have 2-3 days to choose from for the best weather. If you can go on a more last minute adventure, of course you can wait until the forecast is right.

I love using weather and atmosphere to set the scene, but since it’s not something you can control it’s best to take advantage of your ideal weather during portraits instead of a wedding.

After having some fun playing in the snow we wrapped up our shoot and headed home for warm drinks by the fire. We captured all of this in less than 45min and a lot of that is due to the fact that I work with clients who trust my vision. When it’s a collaborative experience it’s very easy to create beautiful images.

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