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William Vale Wedding

In Brooklyn the boutique hotel The William Vale stands out for it’s architecture. See this William Vale wedding + elopement shot on film.

Couple stands close together on balcony of the William Vale for wedding portraits

In Williamsburg, Brooklyn the boutique hotel The William Vale stands out for it’s architecture and stunning views. Our couple decided to elope for a private ceremony in New York City ahead of their large wedding. We met in spring, when the city was not yet alive and blooming. However, it did not matter as the building informed the direction and the look was more editorial and pulled back.

A William Vale wedding in Brooklyn

A William Vale wedding can vary from larger groups to more intimate gathering such as this. Accommodating up to 220 guests, they have a wide range of available spaces. The rooftop bar Westlight offers a unique 360 degree view and a stunning space for a welcome party or rehearsal dinner if planning a wedding weekend.

For our smaller celebration, we simply used the room for getting ready and the balcony for photographs. Then we went down to Vale park, on the hotel’s 2nd floor for photos and their ceremony. I love that this simply event was easy to pull off, and the many amenities at the hotel make it easy on those staying.

exterior photo of the architecture of Williamsburg hotel The William Vale, Brooklyn wedding venue

Spring Florals for a City Wedding

One of the best times of the year to get married is the spring, because of the abundance of florals. Working with Heart & Soil Flowers, this bouquet features unique shapes and texture found only in spring. Several flowering trees give abundant branches and allow you to work with elements not found in summer weddings. Kelsey from Heart & Soil is amazing at crafting sculptural florals with what is avaiable and often forages.

Dressing for a modern wedding : attire and accessories for the William Vale

The look of The William Vale is such that a modern, minimal and often editorial feel is lended. When on the property, one has to think not about what to add but what to subtract. Here are a few recommendations when selecting attire and accessories that match the feeling of the space :

  • wear something that is structured in shape : this could be a defined waist, exaggerated sleeve or expertly draped gown. Get inspired by designers that have a modern aesthetic and are willing to play with shape
  • choose a defining accessory that becomes your statement piece : the earrings from Annie Costello Brown are a favorite of ours. Select one item to be the statement and don’t compete with it.
  • play with color : bold color will look beautiful in a space as minimal as the William Vale.
Overhead shot of Vale Park (the second floor of The William Vale) with a couple walking on walkway during their wedding and elopement

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