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what to give your bridesmaids

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The great thing about being a wedding photographer is seeing everything you should have done at your own wedding. Haha. No I’m half kidding – because of course I loved my wedding and then again I work with ridiculously creative and talented people who have better ideas than me. Allison is one such bride, a graphic designer and creative at heart just waiting to jump out of her day job. She put together the most perfect bridesmaid and maid of honor gifts and agreed to let me share them with you here. I photographed them the day of her wedding… but maybe I should retake some pictures and ask her to send another? Don’t you think?

So when you are searching for bridesmaid gift ideas start here because I think she nailed it. This is what she included in her flower print bags and polka dot boxes…


  • Homegoods Flowered Gift Bags
  • J.Crew factory gold sparkle studs + gold flower gem bracelet – I didn’t want my girls to worry about jewelry for the day of so I found a simple sparkle earring that I hope they will wear again and a more fun/statement/flower-like bracelet to pair with it!
  • Kris Nations State Necklaces – I found this company online awhile back and ordered myself an outlined NY necklace.  I liked how tiny and delicate it was and it reminded me of home living in Ohio.  I have received many compliments on it through the years and so I thought it would be fun to get the home state of each girl! The packaging is adorable in the tiny vile and I think it was everyone’s favorite gift!
  • Banana Republic Silver Wristlet – I was on the hunt for awhile for a good sized clutch or wristlet in a classic shape that my girls could use for the wedding and would want to use again.  I spotted this one online and loved it so much that I got one for myself to use at the wedding too! (I also threw in a Maybelline Baby Lips Chapstick into each bag)
  • Canandaigua Lake T-Shirt – I liked the idea of giving everyone something that had Canandaigua or Finger Lakes on it.  I found these various colored shirts at my local Wegmans and scooped them up
  • Small Bottle of Riesling Wine – The finger lakes are considered wine country so it was fitting
Maids of Honor:
I got my 2 maids of honor a little something extra because I know how hard they worked to make my wedding day/showers/bachelorette party special.
  • HomesGoods Gold Polka-Dot Boxes
  • BHLDN Thank You Cards (Rifle Paper Company) I found these online at BHLDN and fell in love with the flowered print. BHLDN was awesome for extra little special goodies – I bought all of the antique keys at the wedding here
  • J.Crew Factory Red Flowered Dress – This is a dress that us girls talked about loving at my bachelorette party!  It comes in different solid colors and prints and this new red flowered print came out a couple weeks before the wedding and I immediately knew they would love it and use it! I liked that it was something fun and different as a gift and with all the wedding events we all have this summer they could put it to good use.
  • Anthropologie Voluspa Mini Candle – I found these at the same time I bought my moms flowered clutch she used at the wedding.  I just wanted something small and cute to add to the gift and thought these were adorable and smelled delicious.  They had several scents but I chose the one with the orange/red colored tin to match the red dress
  • Essie Red Nail Polish


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