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One of the hardest things about choosing photos… is choosing photos. Isn’t it almost paralyzing at times? When you are presented with a collection of images some times it can feel like there are too many choices. How do you narrow things down to pick what you want to display? I’ve experienced this feeling in my own life and witnessed it with countless others. People literally walk away from their wedding or portrait session and do nothing with the images but keep them on their computer.

Printing anything is an investment, but that’s why you have invested in photography in the first place. You want to remember, share the memories, revel in the moments that define your life.

I decided it was time to start helping people, because it was almost a disservice to not offer any options. So I invested time and money researching prints, frames and canvas wraps to give my clients options. One of the best investments I made was in software to help me show people how their images will look in their homes. You simply take a photo of your wall with a sheet of letter sized paper taped to it and send it to me. It’s okay if your picture doesn’t turn out as good as these samples, I won’t judge. What it allows you to do is really see the size and scale of something so you know how it will look before you buy it. That takes away the indecision when it comes to thinking that a 30×40 image is too big. In the picture about the images are 20×30 and 45×30… below the single print is 30×40.


With the ability to view different combinations you can see which of you three favorite images looks best a single print in your space, or you can create the perfect grid of moments from your day. I love the grid below of 16 12×12″ canvases because it is so easily interchangeable. It looks amazing as a centerpiece in the room but if you decide in 5 years to change things up you could gift a few of the canvases and create a smaller grid of your favorites in a hallway or bedroom.


I offer both framed print & fine art canvas collections and individual pieces. If you want to know more and see what your images look like on your walls, send me an image of your room with a letter sized sheet of paper taped to the center of your wall at : hello @ Framed Collections start at $525 and Canvas Collections start at $625 and you can get 10% off any wall portrait or collection in the month of August by mentioning this blog post!

The app I use to create these displays is Preveal and I recommend it to all of my photographer friends! Also, the sample room images were provided by them.

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