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Stylish Fall Rochester Engagement

Mary Dougherty

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She went to get her flu shot and left with a date. Well, that’s not the whole story, but if it had to be summed up in one sentence that would pretty much cover it. Matt wasn’t that kind of pharmacist, so it was Andrea that made a move. Soon they were enjoying drinks, getting to know each other and soon falling in love. No one got the flu.

If you look through the Mary Dougherty Photography archives you might see some similarities in these photos to others. However, Andrea and Matt took things to a new level. Their stylish engagement photos are the exact thing I like to capture most. A little elegance, simplicity and of course happiness. Starting at The Revelry in Rochester, New York they kept warm and enjoyed a drink in the gorgeous light in the restaurant’s space before we headed out to the Eastman Museum. Small snowflakes drifted down and they held each other close to stay warm.  stylish-engagement-photo-rochester-mary-dougherty02stylish-engagement-photo-rochester-mary-dougherty03stylish-engagement-photo-rochester-mary-dougherty04stylish-engagement-photo-rochester-mary-dougherty05stylish-engagement-photo-rochester-mary-dougherty06stylish-engagement-photo-rochester-mary-dougherty07stylish-engagement-photo-rochester-mary-dougherty08stylish-engagement-photo-rochester-mary-dougherty09

These images were captured on both film and digital cameras and lend to a variety of images within a cohesive look. Film was developed and scanned by the FIND lab. stylish-engagement-photo-rochester-mary-dougherty10stylish-engagement-photo-rochester-mary-dougherty11stylish-engagement-photo-rochester-mary-dougherty12stylish-engagement-photo-rochester-mary-dougherty13stylish-engagement-photo-rochester-mary-dougherty14stylish-engagement-photo-rochester-mary-dougherty15stylish-engagement-photo-rochester-mary-dougherty16stylish-engagement-photo-rochester-mary-dougherty17

I asked them if they were secretly models and they assured me they weren’t but I think they might be lying. stylish-engagement-photo-rochester-mary-dougherty18stylish-engagement-photo-rochester-mary-dougherty19

a little bit of motion blur only adds emotion, don’t you think?


Andrea + Matt, you guys are stunning. More importantly you are genuine and so fun to work with, I can’t wait for your wedding next year!stylish-engagement-photo-rochester-mary-dougherty26

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