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Rosecliff Wedding in Newport, Rhode Island

A floral filled Rosecliff Wedding in Newport, Rhode Island with Stoneblossom and a vintage car

A floral filled Rosecliff Wedding in Newport, Rhode Island

Newport, Rhode Island is filled with history and luxury wedding venues. However, nothing compares to a Rosecliff Wedding. This gilded age mansion is historic for it’s role in the Great Gatsby and the opulent celebrations it continues to host.

For Olivia and Mik, who call Boston home, Newport was always a beautiful escape. They brought family and friends together from all over the world. Their weekend started at the Chanler, with a beautiful welcome party and rehearsal dinner for a small group. Everyone joined them to celebrate at Rosecliff, for aonce in a lifetime experience.

I loved collaborating with them to photograph every moment. Inquire if you are interested in working together for your wedding weekend.

Stoneblossom Newport Floral Design

Florals played a large roll in the design of the reception space at Rosecliff. Stoneblossom is the most trusted professional who created the design for this wedding and so many others. Incorporating high and low arrangements, the main table featured flowers dripping off the side. A mix of candles added light at all heights. Three different types of monogrammed napkins were on the three different tables. It was a breathtaking scene to enter the room.

St.Mary’s Church Ceremony

Getting ready separately, the couple chose to wait for their ceremony at St. Mary’s to see each other. I still love the anticipation of this moment. Olivia slipped in to a custom dress she helped design, which had multiple pieces for flexibility to change her look. Shreve, Crump & Low is her family business, so she wore several diamond and aquamarine pieces. It was an emotional moment as she walked down the aisle with her two brothers and saw Mik standing at the front.

Wedding day travel around Newport

The couple chose a vintage car to travel around Newport on their wedding day. This 1924 Studebaker convertible was the perfect getaway vehicle from the church. We drove over to the ocean and walked around the cliffs for some portraits before heading to Rosecliff. Not only is it convenient to have a classic car drive you around, so many more possibilities open up for portraits.

Espresso Martini Ice Luge

At the end of the night, as guests danced inside and mingled through the gilded salons of Rosecliff, an ice luge was ready. The ice carving by Brilliant Ice had a beautiful monogram carved, and was ready for espresso martini’s to be served through the ice luge. It was a fun and playful way for guests to enjoy this signature drink.

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