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Restaurant Good Luck Engagement Session

Mary Dougherty

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They met on the first day of school. Well, first day of college back at St. John Fischer in Rochester. The great thing about first anythings is that you are already ready for change. You step into that day expecting it and perhaps are a bit more open to possibility. What happens in those first days can shape the next few years and the rest of your life, and that’s exactly what happened for Emma and Brenden.

They quickly became friends and shared a group of friends that spent most of their time together. College would have not been the same without them. Emma and Brenden also had their own thing – a real relationship – and one that they knew they wanted to grow, protect and invest in. Over five years later they are still working together, embracing life and challenging each other as they pursue careers and grad school at the same time. They can pretty much do it all, and they have a little less than a year until their wedding in Canadaigua next summer. I am so thrilled to be documenting the day. We spent a recent afternoon at Restaurant Good Luck and stopped by the Eastman House Gardens to wrap things up. It was a perfect Rochester engagement session and here are a few of my favorites – I hope you enjoy and would love to hear what you think! rochester_engagement_session_good_luck_mary_dougherty02rochester_engagement_session_good_luck_mary_dougherty03rochester_engagement_session_good_luck_mary_dougherty04rochester_engagement_session_good_luck_mary_dougherty05rochester_engagement_session_good_luck_mary_dougherty06rochester_engagement_session_good_luck_mary_dougherty07rochester_engagement_session_good_luck_mary_dougherty08rochester_engagement_session_good_luck_mary_dougherty09rochester_engagement_session_good_luck_mary_dougherty10rochester_engagement_session_good_luck_mary_dougherty11rochester_engagement_session_good_luck_mary_dougherty12rochester_engagement_session_good_luck_mary_dougherty13rochester_engagement_session_good_luck_mary_dougherty14rochester_engagement_session_good_luck_mary_dougherty15rochester_engagement_session_good_luck_mary_dougherty16rochester_engagement_session_good_luck_mary_dougherty17rochester_engagement_session_good_luck_mary_dougherty18rochester_engagement_session_good_luck_mary_dougherty19rochester_engagement_session_good_luck_mary_dougherty20rochester_engagement_session_good_luck_mary_dougherty21rochester_engagement_session_good_luck_mary_dougherty22rochester_engagement_session_good_luck_mary_dougherty23rochester_engagement_session_good_luck_mary_dougherty25rochester_engagement_session_good_luck_mary_dougherty26rochester_engagement_session_good_luck_mary_dougherty27rochester_engagement_session_good_luck_mary_dougherty28rochester_engagement_session_good_luck_mary_dougherty29rochester_engagement_session_good_luck_mary_dougherty30rochester_engagement_session_good_luck_mary_dougherty31rochester_engagement_session_good_luck_mary_dougherty32rochester_engagement_session_good_luck_mary_dougherty34rochester_engagement_session_good_luck_mary_dougherty35rochester_engagement_session_good_luck_mary_dougherty36

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