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Phipps Conservatory Wedding | Liz + Ned

Mary Dougherty

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This is not just any love story. It’s a head over glitter heels, 100 year old veil, dance to you drop affair. Their Phipps Conservatory wedding in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania was a day none will forget. Of course, it’s not just about the wedding but the relationship shared. The people that surrounded them on this day believe in them and it was a joy to get to know Liz and Ned and believe in them too.

Liz and Ned have a contagious joy, an evident love and I could write paragraphs about how much I loved being their photographer. It’s not that they did anything differently, but they really trusted me and let go of any fear or anxiety about being in front of the camera. It was a collaboration, and because we were able to have an amazing engagement session months before this day it made what was captured at their wedding even better. So thank you, once again, for inviting me to join you. Look back at these images always and be reminded of the love and celebration your marriage is founded upon!


Coral pink J.Crew dresses and bright crystal necklaces adorned the bridesmaids while the groomsmen were decked out in Knot by Tiffa bowties in a summer floral pattern. The girls readied themselves at home while the guys assembled at the Mansion on Fifth in downtown Pittsburgh. They met at Calvary Episcopal Church where Liz and Ned took some time to start their day together with a first look. They were all alone, and we kept our distance to allow some privacy as we photographed them seeing each other for the first time. Inside the stained glass filled church guests assembled and soon Liz was taking a deep breath before she was escorted down the aisle by her dad. The moments that followed joined Liz and Ned together in front of God and man and they said vows they believed and planned to keep. The party began at the Phipps Conservatory with hors d’oeuvres in the garden and tented reception. phipps_conservatory_wedding_mary_dougherty_photo09phipps_conservatory_wedding_mary_dougherty_photo10phipps_conservatory_wedding_mary_dougherty_photo11phipps_conservatory_wedding_mary_dougherty_photo12phipps_conservatory_wedding_mary_dougherty_photo13phipps_conservatory_wedding_mary_dougherty_photo14phipps_conservatory_wedding_mary_dougherty_photo15phipps_conservatory_wedding_mary_dougherty_photo16phipps_conservatory_wedding_mary_dougherty_photo17phipps_conservatory_wedding_mary_dougherty_photo18phipps_conservatory_wedding_mary_dougherty_photo21phipps_conservatory_wedding_mary_dougherty_photo22phipps_conservatory_wedding_mary_dougherty_photo23phipps_conservatory_wedding_mary_dougherty_photo24phipps_conservatory_wedding_mary_dougherty_photo25phipps_conservatory_wedding_mary_dougherty_photo26phipps_conservatory_wedding_mary_dougherty_photo27phipps_conservatory_wedding_mary_dougherty_photo19phipps_conservatory_wedding_mary_dougherty_photo20phipps_conservatory_wedding_mary_dougherty_photo28phipps_conservatory_wedding_mary_dougherty_photo29phipps_conservatory_wedding_mary_dougherty_photo30

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