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Mary Dougherty Workshop Review

The Adirondack Wedding Workshop is an immersive event for photographers. Open to see video reviews.

Film Photography Wedding Workshop | Mary Dougherty Workshop Review

Interested in a Mary Dougherty Workshop Review? This is the post with video reviews. The Adirondack Wedding Workshop is an immersive event for photographers. The workshop returns in 2021 August 9-11 and registration is open now. Sign up for workshop announcements and coaching opportunities.

Mary Dougherty Workshop Review

This photography workshop is an escape into nature. A return to creativity is what fuels many wedding photographers. When paired with a marketing and business plan there is expected growth. Learn more about my story here, and listen to attendees share their experience in these video reviews here + here.

Mary Dougherty is a seasoned photographer. With 12 years as a full time wedding photographer she has also moved three times and had three babies. In other words she is familiar with navigating challenges and seasons. Through it all she has doubled her average wedding rate and narrowed down her ideal client. As a result she teaches photographers to do the same.

Above all this photography workshop immediately allows you to build community with the small group of people in attendance. As a result, if you need direction, a plan to build your business and raise your prices, an opportunity to get back to what you love then consider joining us.

Adirondack Wedding Workshop 2020

The images from our 2020 workshop are as stunning as ever. We shot in the middle of a rocky river with waterfalls. Would you have the opportunity to access such beautiful locations on your own? Many people appreciate the fact that I bring together a talented group of people for this collaboration. As such, returning home to set up your own shoot becomes easier.

See what I have to say in the 2020 Workshop Recap video created by past attendee Tom Schelling. After joining us in 2018 he returned and documented what it was like to be a part of our event. Enjoy!

Mary Dougherty Workshop Review | Adirondack Wedding Workshop

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