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Amy-Lynn + Jake | Lake Placid Engagement Photos

If Lake Placid is not one of your favorite winter destinations, add it to your list. Amy-Lynn and Jake came up to the family house for a weekend getaway and a winter engagement photos.

Name your favorite winter destinations, and it’s possible Lake Placid is on your list. So, when the times comes you plan for Lake Placid engagement photos and a wedding in the Adirondacks. If you are like Amy-Lynn and Jake you come up to your house for a weekend getaway and a winter engagement in Lake Placid just feels right. You walk on the lake, bring the dogs, a few friends to enjoy time with and make a weekend out of it. I couldn’t be more thrilled because I love this place, and it’s currently home.

winter engagement in Lake Placid

For part of our shoot we used the family house and walked out on Mirror Lake. A quick visit over to the Lake House gave us drinks by the fire, perfect rustic modern ambience and an amazing view. It allowed us to capture Lake Placid engagement photos and not freeze the whole time. Amy-Lynn and Jake will have their wedding at St. Agnes and The Whiteface Lodge, some of my favorite venues in the Adirondacks.

How they met in Rochester

Amy-Lynn and Jake both had little brothers playing football which means they both attended the games. It was there that they first got to know each other. Seniors about to head off to college they spent lots of time together before going to Geneseo and Cornell.
They grew their relationship before starting into the world of jobs and responsibilities and figuring out the direction of their careers. They spent a long time devoting themselves to their professions so there was some anticipation for the time when they would celebrate with everyone and have a wedding.

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I am in love with Amy-Lynn’s Leanne Marshall dress paired with her grandmother’s fur. Perfect choice for our winter engagement session in Lake Placid. Sense of style? Check. Artistic sensibility? double check. Genuine person who is fun to be around? She embodies my ideal client.

Why plan a Lake Placid wedding?

Some people realize this sooner than others, but the things that matter most in life revolve around relationships. Jake’s family invested in a house on Mirror Lake in order to spend more meaningful time with each other, and invite others to get away. Living up here year round, I completely understand the appeal and magic that this place has. Some parts of winter get old, but it’s so beautiful here it’s hard to complain.
This summer they are bringing together a group of people that matter most to experience something with them. It will be a day when everything is beautiful and each moment is celebrated. Weddings are such a pivotal moment in life and I’m so excited to share it with Amy-Lynn & Jake and everyone joining them!

How they got engaged

In Amy-Lynn’s words :

On November 20th, 2007 I asked Jake, “what are we?” His response was that we could date if I wanted to but just know he was going to be really busy with school, ski team, hockey, lacrosse, and baseball… I took a day to think about it 🤦🏼‍♀️ so the next night we became official and never looked back… and he has been true to his word. Lol, he has been a very busy person. 

So, on our 11th anniversary Jake took me up to Hattie’s to celebrate. And he proposed on the rooftop by the fire pit. My parents were engaged there as well (although he didn’t totally remember that fact). It’s just one of our favorite places to walk to from our house on Park Ave in the summer. 11/21/2007 and 11/21/2018 both happened to be the Wednesday before Thanksgiving…so we always have a lot to be thankful for!

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Can you tell their love their dogs? I hope so! They are the cutest. Thanks for spending a weekend up here to capture Lake Placid engagement photos and braving the cold to create gorgeous images with me!

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