est. 2008

Lake Engagement Photos

A perfect sunset on Keuka Lake set the scene for this fall engagement session. Open to see the images all shot on film.

These Finger Lake engagement photos were shot by film wedding photographer Mary Dougherty. Captured at the lake house of Living Roots founders Colleen and Seb, each frame is timeless. Click here to see their wedding day at Genesee Valley Club.

Colleen and Seb were busy pressing grapes and tending to the vines before the opening of their urban winery. However, they found a moment to pause for this evening and generously showed up for my camera. We explored a nearby creek, sat on the dock, walked along the waters edge… and finally ended the night with a fire. Of the moments you look back on in life and want to step into again, this has to be one of them.

Sunset Lake Engagement Photos

The soft glowing light of the sun and calm water gave a perfect backdrop. These images quickly became a favorite. Since I began photographing engagement sessions solely on film in 2016 my work has evolved. I learned to trust myself, slow down my pace of shooting, and notice more. Now as a hybrid photographer my favorite work is still on film. Special thanks to The Find Lab for partnering with me all these years. Find inspiration for your own sunset session in these images and other engagements here.

A classic Cape Cod wedding never goes out of style, especially at the Kittansett Club.

A Chautauqua wedding is stunning no matter the size. Karen and Walker pivoted to host the most amazing micro wedding at this historic American retreat.

Looking for a Catskills wedding venue? Browse Jaclyn and Scott’s photos to see what makes a Full Moon Resort wedding so special.