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Hurd Orchard Wedding : Meghan + Mike

Mary Dougherty

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hurd_orchard_wedding01It was perfectly sunny, one of those days in May you spend all winter hoping for and dreaming about. The plans had been set long before and as orchestrated movements prepared the wedding day Meghan and Mike had been planning. Hurd Orchard was blooming and sunlight filtered through the barn to where tables were being set and dinner would later be served. Across the road in a sea green house the girls arrived. There was just a few things left to get ready and helping Meghan perfect the placement of her veil and choice of necklace were just a few of them. Everything came together so quickly, and yet the moments before the wedding ceremony seemed to build in anticipation.


Instead of choosing a first look, Meghan and Mike planned for a more secret look before the ceremony. To keep the surprise they didn’t see each other but stood nearby to get a few pictures before the wedding. I led Mike over to the house and as he sat on the bench outside the door, Meghan opened the door and stood back in the doorway. It was an unexpected emotional moment for both of them and a chance to let the anticipation of the day wash over them. A few moments later, they were ready meet at the aisle.hurd_orchard_wedding10hurd_orchard_wedding11hurd_orchard_wedding12hurd_orchard_wedding13hurd_orchard_wedding14hurd_orchard_wedding15hurd_orchard_wedding16hurd_orchard_wedding17hurd_orchard_wedding18hurd_orchard_wedding19hurd_orchard_wedding20hurd_orchard_wedding21hurd_orchard_wedding22hurd_orchard_wedding23hurd_orchard_wedding24hurd_orchard_wedding25hurd_orchard_wedding26

After a beautiful ceremony witnessed by family and friends, it was time for the celebration to begin. Guests enjoyed a variety of beers during cocktail hour as the wedding was themed around beer and the favorite brews of the couple. Custom tasting trays were made by Meghan’s dad and guests had their own tasting throughout the evening. Pictures were taken in the nearby beautiful field and outside the barn before the barn doors were open and guests invited in for dinner.hurd_orchard_wedding27hurd_orchard_wedding28hurd_orchard_wedding29hurd_orchard_wedding30hurd_orchard_wedding31hurd_orchard_wedding33hurd_orchard_wedding34hurd_orchard_wedding35hurd_orchard_wedding36hurd_orchard_wedding38hurd_orchard_wedding42hurd_orchard_wedding45hurd_orchard_wedding43hurd_orchard_wedding39hurd_orchard_wedding40hurd_orchard_wedding41hurd_orchard_wedding47hurd_orchard_wedding48hurd_orchard_wedding49hurd_orchard_wedding50hurd_orchard_wedding51hurd_orchard_wedding46

Hurd Orchards did an amazing job decorating in the simple rustic style and providing plenty of fresh flowers, unique linens and place settings to fit the style of wedding Meghan and Mike wanted.hurd_orchard_wedding53hurd_orchard_wedding52hurd_orchard_wedding54hurd_orchard_wedding55hurd_orchard_wedding56hurd_orchard_wedding57hurd_orchard_wedding58hurd_orchard_wedding59hurd_orchard_wedding60hurd_orchard_wedding61hurd_orchard_wedding62hurd_orchard_wedding63hurd_orchard_wedding64hurd_orchard_wedding65hurd_orchard_wedding66hurd_orchard_wedding67hurd_orchard_wedding68hurd_orchard_wedding69hurd_orchard_wedding70hurd_orchard_wedding71hurd_orchard_wedding72hurd_orchard_wedding73hurd_orchard_wedding74hurd_orchard_wedding75hurd_orchard_wedding76
No stomach was empty, or glass unfilled and the evening drew on with more drinks, dancing, and games in the backyard. Guests mingled about and enjoyed the beautiful evening as everyone celebrated Meghan and Mike. It was a wedding to remember and I’m so glad I could document it. I hope you all enjoy and congratulations again to the newlyweds!


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