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the busy season

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Now watch me whip. Watch me nae nae. Watch me whip, whip. Watch me nae nae.

I have been crazy busy. Maybe you noticed… and thought I should slow down. Or thought my life was glamorous. Or thought I was crazy. Or wanted to be in my position. It’s a mix of all things, never entirely how it seems from the outside, but incredibly grateful even if it isn’t perfect.

It feels strange to already be in October (I know, a few days away but I’ve accepted that it’s officially fall – how about you?) and to be almost done with this year in weddings. At the same time the rest and recharging that will happen during my time off is going to be great for me and my family.

I didn’t intend to take the month of September off from blogging but it was kind of inevitable with the travel + wedding schedule I planned for myself. I have to be honest. Travel took a toll – as awesome as it was – to be in new places and bring my family along for much of it, it was exhausting. I knew it would be hard to get through but even preparing for it was different from experiencing it. I photographed 8 weddings in five weeks and after this coming weekend it will be 10 weddings in 6 weeks. There are only four left before my season ends and I have several months off. Can I tell you how much I’ve loved this year, though? I have been a part of days that are truly life changing. Documenting those moments that will forever define the life story of amazing individuals is a privilege.

Being this busy has brought up all of those questions we have been working through this whole year about work/life balance, how busy I want to be as well as how to find ways to not do everything myself. Giving up control while maintaining a high standard is hard! That’s a lot of different things which have been playing out through more in person conversations than blog posts, but maybe I’ll try to share more on here. It’s clear that things are going to change for us – we already decided a few of those changes long ago (like Matt staying at home, planning to move, etc) – but one thing I don’t want to change is being a part of amazing wedding days like Wes + Cassie’s! Seriously, I don’t think I could shoot for 12 hours for anyone but you guys and am so so happy I could be there.

So all this to say – hi! I’m thinking about you, I’m about to email, and I’d love to find time to talk on the phone. Until then don’t worry and feel free to check in. I’m still finding time for dance breaks and enjoying moments at home with my littles. I still need to work on my whip + nae nae but I’m getting better. The 7+8 year olds are killin it on the dance floor and you better believe I’m taking cues from them.

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