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Handmade Cornfield Wedding : Sophie + Peter pt. II

It was almost midnight on New Years Eve. Peter had joined Sophie and her family in Michigan to ring in the New Year and attend her cousin’s wedding the next day. Once the ball started to drop he stood up and tried to get Sophie to join him. She thought he wanted to kiss her […]


It was almost midnight on New Years Eve. Peter had joined Sophie and her family in Michigan to ring in the New Year and attend her cousin’s wedding the next day. Once the ball started to drop he stood up and tried to get Sophie to join him. She thought he wanted to kiss her – which she had no intention of doing, standing in the middle of the room with her family watching. After reluctantly joining him he dropped to one knee and asked her if she wanted to do something special with him in 2011. Surrounded by her family, he asked her to marry him and she said yes.

When planning a wedding it can be easy to get lost in the details. To forget about the purpose of the day, worry about frivolous things, and get caught up in everything that the wedding is not. If you read the first post from Sophie and Peter’s wedding you know that their day was chalk full of details, personality, and diy projects. Despite their obvious inspiration and hard work they never lost sight of what they wanted their wedding day to truly be. Balancing these two sides and not letting one take over the other is a difficult task not easily achieved. It take a lot of effort to keep a wedding day about the wedding and yet have it personal and inviting enough to not look like the rest. They managed to perfectly marry the planning and details with the wedding and create one of the most unique weddings I have been a part of.

Today I invite you to take a closer look at the wedding day. This of course centers around the ceremony, which is only partly told through the photographs. It was Sophie and Peter’s intention to have a wedding ceremony that had a time for worship and singing, and time for prayer, and a time to exchange the vows that last til eternity. The choose their friend, Jim Ehrman to officiate and he spoke some of the most honest, accurate, and challenging words on a wedding day. Jim asked family and friends to describe Sophie and to describe Peter and the word that came up the most for both of them was driven. They work better together than apart when they put each other first – which really is what a marriage is all about. While I could go on an on about the wedding day I’ll leave you with the pictures and hope you enjoy once again looking into the lives of Sophie and Peter and the day that brought them together.

We pick back up before the ceremony, after the first look when the bridal party got together for a few pictures before heading to the church. It was drizzling at this point, but it didn’t last long and cleared up for the rest of the day! ps06ps07ps08ps09ps10ps11ps12ps13

The church was close to bursting at the seams filled with happy guests ready to witness the wedding. Sophie and Peter chose to be married there for several reasons, including the fact that it was the same place that Sophie’s parents and grandparents wed. The great thing about doing a first look – in my experience – is that it adds so much to the wedding day. The moments walking down the aisle are just as emotional, but being able to share your thoughts, excitement, and anticipation before the ceremony while you are alone and not in front of all of your guests, is something you can’t replicate. ps14ps15ps16ps17ps18ps19

Each reading, song, transition and story was purposeful and meaningful to both of them and soon the congregation as they witnessed the ceremony unfold.  ps20ps21ps22ps23ps24ps25ps26

After a joyous exit, the bridal party loaded in to the Mog and headed back to the farm. The Unimog is an german truck known for it’s off road capabilities, and has made Sophie’s dad known throughout the county since he comes to plow people out in winter. After having the truck shipped from Germany he assembled it to his liking and it has become a staple in the family and community, so naturally it was a part of the wedding day.  ps27ps28ps29

This might be the first picture I’ve taken while driving. Don’t tell. We stopped at the neighbor’s barn on the way to the family farm for some pictures… ps30ps31ps32ps33ps34ps35ps36ps37ps38

The ground that was a cornfield less than a year ago was completely transformed into a grassy enclosure perfect for a wedding reception. To see all of the details from the reception head over to the first post, or continue on with the rest of the evening’s events.ps39ps40ps41ps42ps43ps44ps45ps46ps47ps48ps49ps50ps51ps52ps59ps53ps54ps55ps56ps57ps58

The party had begun and lasted in to the evening as people danced till they dropped. It was a celebration, and one that I so enjoyed being a part of, so thanks again for inviting me along and three cheers for the newlyweds! hip hip hooray! ps60ps61ps62ps63ps64ps65

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