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Cherry Blossom Engagement Session

Mary Dougherty

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I'm a fine art film photographer living in the mountains and traveling to tell beautiful stories





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old_town_alexandria_engagement_photo_mary_dougherty01It was perfect timing. Cassie and Wes arrived in DC at just the right time to meet through mutual friends. They were at the beginning of their adventure in the district and they shared it all together. The group grew close but also pulled apart as people moved on to different jobs and cities. Cassie and Wes built the foundation of their relationship, and shared the happiest of moments when Wes asked her to marry him.

It was also perfect timing for us to shooting their cherry blossom engagement session. The cherry blossoms in DC had reached their peak and filled the trees located around the tidal basin and surrounding monuments. Soft and white they made a romantic and almost other-worldly backdrop. We got up before the crack of dawn to join the crowds down at the blossoms and capture some images. Later that day we moved to Old Town, Alexandria which is where they shared their first date, and enjoyed the late afternoon sun and perfect light in a beautiful garden.

IĀ  am thrilled to be photographing Cassie + Wes’ wedding this fall and it’s wonderful to see this family once more (Cassie’s sister, Molly, was married last fall). I look forward to joining everyone in Marion, Massachusetts and look for the full set of images in their gallery here. Enjoy a few of my favorites!old_town_alexandria_engagement_photo_mary_dougherty02old_town_alexandria_engagement_photo_mary_dougherty03old_town_alexandria_engagement_photo_mary_dougherty04old_town_alexandria_engagement_photo_mary_dougherty05old_town_alexandria_engagement_photo_mary_dougherty06old_town_alexandria_engagement_photo_mary_dougherty07old_town_alexandria_engagement_photo_mary_dougherty08old_town_alexandria_engagement_photo_mary_dougherty09old_town_alexandria_engagement_photo_mary_dougherty10old_town_alexandria_engagement_photo_mary_dougherty11old_town_alexandria_engagement_photo_mary_dougherty12old_town_alexandria_engagement_photo_mary_dougherty13old_town_alexandria_engagement_photo_mary_dougherty14old_town_alexandria_engagement_photo_mary_dougherty15old_town_alexandria_engagement_photo_mary_dougherty16old_town_alexandria_engagement_photo_mary_dougherty17old_town_alexandria_engagement_photo_mary_dougherty18old_town_alexandria_engagement_photo_mary_dougherty19old_town_alexandria_engagement_photo_mary_dougherty20old_town_alexandria_engagement_photo_mary_dougherty21old_town_alexandria_engagement_photo_mary_dougherty22old_town_alexandria_engagement_photo_mary_dougherty23old_town_alexandria_engagement_photo_mary_dougherty24

If you love what you see and are interested in working with me, please get in touch! Mary Dougherty is a fine art photographer currently based out of New York and available for travel.

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