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Brooklyn Engagement Session

Mary Dougherty

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They are a classic couple. Walking the streets of Brooklyn and exploring Dumbo with Sal and Erin certainly felt that way. Looking at these images makes me feel that way, almost as if they will show up in the newspaper 50 years from now when their life stories are recounted. They met in the city, messaged secretly while working for the same small company, and shared their mutual love for ramen. Sal played in his band No Nets and invited Erin to sing on a few tracks, and Erin invited Sal to co-host her radio show which was a part of the blog she founded, Feminist Wednesday. They are all about pursuing dreams, setting goals and achieving things once thought out of reach. I love that about them.

We met near the Brooklyn Bridge on a crisp Saturday morning while I was visiting New York City. Everything unfolded naturally, as it should, and reminded me how much I like to photograph people. We took turns warming up while walking between locations and braving chilly air while we stopped to document the scenic ones. I’m so looking forward to their backyard Buffalo wedding this summer and hope you enjoy these pictures until then!


Erin is currently wrapping up production on her first film : Dream, Girl and I can’t wait to hear see the stories that are shared. For any other female entrepreneurs or those on the verge of entrepreneurship read some of the great advice Erin has to offer over on the Design Sponge Biz Ladies interview she did a few months ago. brooklyn_engagement_dumbo_nyc_mary_dougherty_photo10brooklyn_engagement_dumbo_nyc_mary_dougherty_photo11brooklyn_engagement_dumbo_nyc_mary_dougherty_photo12brooklyn_engagement_dumbo_nyc_mary_dougherty_photo13brooklyn_engagement_dumbo_nyc_mary_dougherty_photo14brooklyn_engagement_dumbo_nyc_mary_dougherty_photo15brooklyn_engagement_dumbo_nyc_mary_dougherty_photo16brooklyn_engagement_dumbo_nyc_mary_dougherty_photo17brooklyn_engagement_dumbo_nyc_mary_dougherty_photo18brooklyn_engagement_dumbo_nyc_mary_dougherty_photo19brooklyn_engagement_dumbo_nyc_mary_dougherty_photo20brooklyn_engagement_dumbo_nyc_mary_dougherty_photo21brooklyn_engagement_dumbo_nyc_mary_dougherty_photo22brooklyn_engagement_dumbo_nyc_mary_dougherty_photo23brooklyn_engagement_dumbo_nyc_mary_dougherty_photo24brooklyn_engagement_dumbo_nyc_mary_dougherty_photo25brooklyn_engagement_dumbo_nyc_mary_dougherty_photo26brooklyn_engagement_dumbo_nyc_mary_dougherty_photo27

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