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Bridal Session on Film

Mary Dougherty

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It started with an idea. Reviving the concept of a bridal session, on film. The thought was that in giving you the opportunity to wear your wedding dress in a beautiful outdoor and natural setting would be enjoyable and produce beautiful images. I gave that opportunity to all of my 2015 clients and invited one of them to take me up on the offer for free. Allison was the recipient of the shoot and a few days before her wedding we got together at the property of a family friend where there was a barn, apple tree and plenty of gorgeous space. She picked up some tulle upon my request and it proved to transform the session from an otherwise simple shoot into something that captured more of the texture, movement and beauty of being a bride.

I captured these images on my Contax 645 with Kodak Porta 160 and Tri-X 400… but I snuck one digital image into this post, and you are welcome to find it!


Your wedding dress will likely be the biggest investment you make in your wardrobe in your lifetime. It is for that reason that I find it perfectly acceptable to find as many reasons to wear it as possible. We don’t even have to mention how perfectly it fits nor think about how it will likely one day not fit. Bridal sessions give you the opportunity to wear it, enjoy it and capture something new. I am interested in documenting the details, the emotion and the authenticity of both the wedding day and the days surrounding that time. creative-bridal-portrait-film-kodak-portra-mary-dougherty06creative-bridal-portrait-film-kodak-portra-mary-dougherty03creative-bridal-portrait-film-kodak-portra-mary-dougherty10creative-bridal-portrait-film-kodak-portra-mary-dougherty07

This shoot would not have been possible without the help of Allison’s family (specifically her mom + aunt) and family friends who let us use the space and helped set up the tulle! Once again, thank you!creative-bridal-portrait-film-kodak-portra-mary-dougherty12creative-bridal-portrait-film-kodak-portra-mary-dougherty13creative-bridal-portrait-film-kodak-portra-mary-dougherty14creative-bridal-portrait-film-kodak-portra-mary-dougherty15creative-bridal-portrait-film-kodak-portra-mary-dougherty16creative-bridal-portrait-film-kodak-portra-mary-dougherty20creative-bridal-portrait-film-kodak-portra-mary-dougherty19

If you are interested in booking a bridal session and getting back in your dress – or adding it to your upcoming wedding coverage – get in touch! I have 2 spaces available at an introductory rate before they become established at their regular session fee.

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