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Mary Dougherty

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Every year is a little bit different. It’s not just working with different couples and refining my style and experience, but choosing to bring on people to assist and second shoot with me. This year I had the privilege of bringing Kat along for the ride. I say ride quite literally, as we spent a good amount of time in the car together. We talked life and relationships, we sang and posted to snapchat (well Kat did, but if I remember my password next time I’m going to join), one drive home we bought pints of Ben + Jerry’s and each ate one. Sorry that we are amazing at eating ice cream. It’s a gift.

Working with anyone well takes vulnerability. It requires accepting your flaws and being honest with your actions and reactions. I definitely learned a bit about that working with Kat, as I confirmed through strengthsfinder that I may be a laid-back easy going listener in most relationships, when it comes to work I’m crack the whip achiever who wants to accomplish everything! This is something I had expected but couldn’t quite put into words before taking the test. Patience doesn’t come easily to me and it’s a lesson I am continually learning, and it’s one I need to learn. I have two little kids, so I am required to practice patience daily. However, in a work situation I tend to go all or nothing, and that doesn’t exactly invite people to come along on your journey. Relationships are important to me and are not something I want sacrifice for what would be selfish ambition.

Did I make myself sound too intense? Not intense enough? That’s the problem with online sharing, there really is not enough context.

As a photographer pursing her own business I introduced Kat to my behind the scenes. It includes a non stop drive to connect, create and achieve along with a side of dance party, babies and searching for balance. Kat taught me about making friends with literally anyone, trying to not over think things and allowed me to pretend to be at least 5 years younger than I actually am. We had a great time together, and I am so happy for the time you shared with me Kat!

Kat flew back to California the day after our last wedding, so we didn’t really have the wrap up to the year that I had hoped. The good news is, we are headed out to Cali as well in early December and I’m excited for Kat to introduce me to her piece of the west coast. Maybe it’s all of it. You never know, no dream is too big. While I’m there I’ll be running my 50k and photographing a few portrait sessions.

I am also giving away a portrait session! It will be announced tonight on instagram and I hope you enter because there is literally no reason not to. Right? Great, can’t wait to hear from you!

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