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mothersday2013-8This is a season of rest. Weekends are free, cameras are being cleaned and I am splitting my time – if not spending more of it – taking care of my daughter. I came across this picture of her at four months when I was organizing my personal photos (one goal I’m working on!) Maybe you don’t have an “off-season” but I hope you find ways to relax and create balance in your life. As any wedding photographer will tell you the busy season can take a toll. Rest is an amazing thing and completely renews me for what’s ahead.

Although I am photographing with less frequency there is much to be done on the business side of things. Preparing workflow and systems for the year so that they are up an running is a necessity to keep things moving smoothly. Catching up on bookkeeping and filing taxes is another big task to accomplish. It really never ends when you work for yourself.

In order to challenge myself and stay on track for the year, I’ll be blogging goals regularly and this post is the first. My outlook for the whole year is still taking shape, and I’ll have to write a separate post on the bigger picture. Rather than wait any longer to finish that, I’m posting winter goals which should take me to March. Here is a look at what I’m hoping to accomplish during the months I hibernate at home:

Personal Goals :

– spend time in prayer daily (this is my first goal because it requires the most discipline)

– design + print an album of personal photos from 2013 (in progress, see one of my spreads below, can’t wait to share the finished piece!)

– catalog + organize all photos from 2013 from film, digital + phone

– celebrate Daphne’s 1st birthday (handmade present too?)

– invite friends over for cheese making

– create a system for shopping + meal planning

– read three books (French Kids Eat Everything, Interpreter of Maladies, Happiest Toddler on the Block)

– take one short trip to visit a friend

– swim once a week (just signed up for the musselman sprint again!)


Business Goals :

– tie up loose ends on my bookkeeping and file taxes

– finalize my working budget for the year

– plan to get together with other photographers (want to join?)

– email 2014 clients regularly with helpful information to get ready for their wedding (first one sent yesterday!)

– create a plan for my newsletter and send once a month

– shoot a roll of film with my new pinhole camera

– update my website galleries

I can do it! I’m new to the monthly goal setting but I think these are realistic and still enough to keep me on track. What do you think?

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