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Transcontinental Engagement : Keegan + Lynda

Mary Dougherty

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Summer Camp. Those two words conjure up memories for so many people. Going on adventures, learning new skills, and sitting around a fire while sharing stories and singing songs to name a few. It’s a place that you meet people and quickly become friends, possibly staying in touch for years to come. Keegan and Lynda became such friends, but can now look back at their first summer working as staff together at the place they first met.

It wasn’t hard to get to know each other, as everyone quickly does at a camp, but deciding to give their relationship a go was. She was Australian, he Canadian. Many others had started dating but found it too difficult to maintain after everyone packed up, went home, and tried to deal with the time difference. What it meant for Keegan and Lynda was a lot of commitment and perseverance, and they knew they would quickly see if what they had would withstand the challenges of distance and time.

It did.

Not only did they make the effort to stay up late and talk until the wee hours of the morning, they invested in seeing each other. When the next summer came Lynda felt called to go back to Canada and they worked at the same camp, and then Keegan was accepted to study abroad for a year is Australia, giving them even more time together. Gradually the distance didn’t seem like an obstacle, and a day came when Keegan asked Lynda to marry him. She ecstatically said yes and they began to map out their lives together, no matter what continent they were on.

When Lynda came to Canada this January they both made the trip down to Rochester for some engagements photos. It was a chilly winter day with just enough flurries to prove there really was snow, and satisfy any Australian. For having only emailed before our shoot I felt like fast friends and didn’t want the shoot to end. Keegan + Lynda I’m so happy I was able to document one part of your story and hope you enjoy the images! Enjoy

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