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This is my fourth year with an intern. I’m so grateful for each person who has worked with me and have learned from each of them – as they have learned from me. I think I’ve gotten better each time at communicating and working with other people (yikes! okay, but you small business owners know what I mean when you start to transition out of the “do everything yourself” role) and also helping them grow. The goal isn’t for them to just take over the mundane tasks (although I’ll admit that’s a part of my everyday and so it’s a part of theirs) but to accomplish something new and become more well versed in their areas of interest.

Internships with me seem to unfold naturally. If I have the availability and need a conversation about what an internship would look like unfolds and we go for it!  That’s what happened this time with Savannah, who you see rocking the scene of my snowy backyard above. She is someone I have gotten to know well over the past few years – and not only do I know her, but my whole family does! She came over to stay with Daphne when Dax was born. I don’t expect all interns to have this close of a relationship but I can’t say that I mind when they do! We love Savannah.

If you are interested in interning in the future use the contact button above to say hi and get in touch.

Savannah’s been working with me for a few weeks and currently she is road tripping out west bouncing around Utah and making me jealous of 50 degree weather. Anything about 20 feels like summer right now. She’s taking over my instagram feed for a day so take a peek at her adventures and view her own profile here. I asked her to share a few words so you could get to know her this is what she said :

what are you studying?
I’ll graduate in May with a BA in communications with concentrations in both media visual arts and integrated marketing.
where are you from? 
I grew up in eastern Long Island.. which is not the city like everyone assumes, in fact I’m surrounded by beaches, farms, and open spaces, but in the most urban way possible. Its a long way off from western NY, and after four years I’m ready for somewhere new.
what draws you to photography
I think its the idea that photography gives me the ability to capture specific moments with the freedom of using my own creativity and style
any artists that inspire you ?
I find myself inspired by the work of Sally Mann, I love the vulnerability and grunge in her work and the way she accepts imperfection.
where do you want to travel next (after Utah)
The need to travel often creeps up on me resulting on a spur of the moment trip, kind of like this last minute, under planned drive to Utah. I don’t have any set plans for my next adventure but I hope it won’t be too long from now, maybe even leaving the country for an extended period of time?
snack you indulge in
I’m not sure which is stronger my love for dark chocolate or good cheese, but I always have both in my apartment and both get eaten in mass amounts.

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