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Rustic November Wedding : Matthew + Caitlin

Like all good things, Matthew + Caitlin’s relationship took time. It took time for them to get to know each other and start their relationship. It took time for them to finish traveling and studying abroad so they could live in the same country, let alone city. It took time for the letters to arrive […]

cm_01Like all good things, Matthew + Caitlin’s relationship took time. It took time for them to get to know each other and start their relationship. It took time for them to finish traveling and studying abroad so they could live in the same country, let alone city. It took time for the letters to arrive (if they ever did) that they wrote back and forth when Caitlin was studying in Tanzania. It took time for them to admit that they were falling in love, but after several years when the time was right, Matthew proposed and Caitlin said yes.

From then on they began planning and crafting their wedding day (literally and figuratively). They envisioned a rustic yet charming mid-November event that would take place in a barn and be decorated with all kinds of delicate and antique details. While Caitlin started making everything from the programs  to the ties the guys would wear – and learned how to knit to do so, Matthew along with some of her family worked out the doily chandelier and dessert stands (to name a few). The amount of work and detail they put in to their day is evident in all of the photos and of course weddings like this are a dream to photograph. There is always something to document and I love being able to capture details that make the day unique.

In early November, the wedding day arrived and in my estimation, it turned out to be everything Matthew + Caitlin wanted… and more. November can be a tricky time to plan a wedding in New York, but the day was a perfect mix of late fall weather with a gorgeous blue sky. I arrived as people bustled around to get last minute details ready and headed over to Freedom Run Winery for the first look and photos. The winery was already set up for the reception so I had plenty of time to document some of the details, which is always helpful. When looking for a spot for the first look, I was immediately drawn to the outside of the barn which was elegantly covered in the shadow of a nearby tree. It seemed the perfect spot to document the start of a wedding day and the important moment of seeing each other for the first time.

Caitlin’s wedding dress was custom made from a seller on Etsy and completed her one of a kind wedding. It’s layers flowed and twirled and made me fall in love with short wedding dresses. The delicate oyster colored sweater from Anthropologie completed Caitlin’s outfit and of course played a crucial role as the sun set and the day cooled.  cm_05cm_06

Inside the barn were chandeliers, fabric leaf garland and hay bale seating for the reception and dance. I love what a few decorations can do. The stone inside of the barn was gorgeous and I’m kind of hoping I get to photograph a summer wedding at this location! cm_07

the paper chandeliers m+c made for their wedding were impressive to say the least. They gave life to the rustic barn and were complimented with fabric leaves hanging on either side. Fabric can really transform any space and adding curtains – let alone chandeliers and garland – can made a big difference. cm_17cm_19cm_18cm_21cm_20

Carrying over the letter writing theme of their relationship, M+C used airmail envelopes to create a one of a kind guestbook and also encourage guests to write them at their new home. cm_08cm_09cm_10cm_11cm_12



I was thrilled to work once again with Sassafras Flowers of Rochester, New York. Caitlin’s bouquet was not only beautiful but it added a touch of color and elegance that topped off the wedding day. The boutineers were thoughtfully made to include unique elements such as fiddlehead and twine to fit in perfectly with the wedding theme… and while we’re looking at Matthew nice job on that tie, Caitlin! cm_22cm_24


Since it was an evening wedding, there was a big dessert and drink reception following. No details were forgotten here as each cup was tied with a thank you tag and even the tea bags and hot cocoa packages were made to fit with the decor. I love it. cm_28

Drinks were kept warm in old fashioned carafes and treats and canned goods were packaged as favors.cm_30cm_31cm_32cm_33

the bridal party joined us for photos in and around the winery and there was no lack of locations. I love this image below and we were able to shoot these as the sun set so the light was gorgeous. I love when either planning or luck gives me amazing light to shoot with.cm_34cm_35cm_36cm_37

these two can not only plan a good wedding, they can have fun at it! seriously, thanks for having a good time taking pictures and good job bringing your boots along Caitlin! cm_38cm_39cm_40

I hope you guys never forget what you felt like on your wedding day, I love how in love you are. Soon it was time to head to the church which was a beautiful little chapel not far from the winery. cm_41cm_42cm_43cm_44

They said their vows, exchanged rings and it didn’t take long to become officially husband and wife! The doors of the barn were opened for a grand entrance to the reception where their guests awaited. The party started, dessert was served and the hot drinks kept people warm until the dancing began! cm_45cm_46cm_47cm_48cm_49

congratulations again Matthew + Caitlin! I hope you’ve settled in to life in Atlanta and enjoy looking through all of the images from your wedding. Leave a comment to help m+c earn a free print and say hello or let us know what you think about their wedding.

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