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Roc Brewing Co Engagement

Mary Dougherty

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Roc Brewing Co Engagement Photo Couple standing by sign Rochester NY Mary DoughertyRoc Brewing Co was common ground for Hayley and Josh. There is something about traveling and falling in love. They lend themselves to each other and draw you deeper. Hayley and Josh have made travel a part of their relationship, jetting off to exotic places to experience new food, culture and people. It’s fitting for a couple who grew up on different continents.

Hayley studied abroad at Oxford and started a career in London after graduating. It was there that she met Josh, a bibliophile who worked in journalism and swept her off her American feet. Their relationship developed over craft beer and books. Together they planned adventures and eventually a life together.

Outside Roc Brewing Co with vintage convertible and couple engagement photo | Mary Doughertyrochester_brewery_highland_park_engagement_photo_mary_dougherty01rochester_brewery_highland_park_engagement_photo_mary_dougherty05rochester_brewery_highland_park_engagement_photo_mary_dougherty04

They made a recent trip back to the states to check in on wedding planning and I had the privilege of spending an evening with them capturing pictures and getting to know them even more. We started at Roc Brewing Co where we were warmly greeted and even given the opportunity to shoot with the Thunderbird you see above! I loved the light in their space and am so grateful for their hospitality! The second half of our shoot took place at Highland Park, where the trees were perfectly bloomed and petals cascaded around us. We combined their loves and created craft beer and tulle skirt engagement pictures perfectly fitting for this wonderful couple. Take a look at my favorites and I hope you enjoy!rochester_brewery_highland_park_engagement_photo_mary_dougherty06rochester_brewery_highland_park_engagement_photo_mary_dougherty07rochester_brewery_highland_park_engagement_photo_mary_dougherty08rochester_brewery_highland_park_engagement_photo_mary_dougherty09rochester_brewery_highland_park_engagement_photo_mary_dougherty10rochester_brewery_highland_park_engagement_photo_mary_dougherty11rochester_brewery_highland_park_engagement_photo_mary_dougherty12rochester_brewery_highland_park_engagement_photo_mary_dougherty13rochester_brewery_highland_park_engagement_photo_mary_dougherty14rochester_brewery_highland_park_engagement_photo_mary_dougherty15rochester_brewery_highland_park_engagement_photo_mary_dougherty16rochester_brewery_highland_park_engagement_photo_mary_dougherty17rochester_brewery_highland_park_engagement_photo_mary_dougherty18rochester_brewery_highland_park_engagement_photo_mary_dougherty19rochester_brewery_highland_park_engagement_photo_mary_dougherty20rochester_brewery_highland_park_engagement_photo_mary_dougherty21rochester_brewery_highland_park_engagement_photo_mary_dougherty22

Hayley’s beautiful engagement ring was handmade by Tula Jewelry, an eco-friendly jewelry designer on Etsy.  rochester_brewery_highland_park_engagement_photo_mary_dougherty23rochester_brewery_highland_park_engagement_photo_mary_dougherty24rochester_brewery_highland_park_engagement_photo_mary_dougherty25

Doesn’t Highland Park’s conservatory look beautiful? I loved how in bloom everything was on this day. rochester_brewery_highland_park_engagement_photo_mary_dougherty26rochester_brewery_highland_park_engagement_photo_mary_dougherty27rochester_brewery_highland_park_engagement_photo_mary_dougherty28rochester_brewery_highland_park_engagement_photo_mary_dougherty29rochester_brewery_highland_park_engagement_photo_mary_dougherty31rochester_brewery_highland_park_engagement_photo_mary_dougherty32

If you love what you see let me know! Leave a comment or use the contact form above to get in touch and start planning your own session.

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