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photo by Sarah Bridgeman

One month has gone by, Daphne. We’ve loved you from the start and in the past few weeks we have gotten to know you. We have already seen you change so much as at first you swam in newborn clothes and now you barely fit that size. I think you will take after me in that way, and family legend has it that I was among the most rolly-polly of babies in the bunch. However, most people say you look like your dad. It could party be that your dark hair is in short supply – but growing – but you do have a similar face structure. You’re changing each day, and while it isn’t always noticeable if we blink you’ll be doing something new before we know it. Your personality is just starting to show, and you are a very calm and content little girl. Though a visitor might think that you are fussy because you love to cry when your diaper is changed, we know that as soon as we snap up those clothes and pick you up you’ll be as calm as can be.

We spent these first four weeks mostly at home, as we enjoyed an extended visit from your grandma who couldn’t stop picking up the Food + Wine magazines around the house and cooking the most delicious recipes in them. We were all spoiled by her time here. You were able to meet your aunt, grandpa and cousin Julia as well… and to be honest I don’t think she’s that fond of you. It became pretty clear that you were competition for grandma and she was not happy about that. Even though she is already talking about no babies being allowed at her 5th birthday party, I think she’ll be bossing you around and dressing you up in princess costumes in no time.

Since we didn’t know if we were having a boy or a girl, pink was in short supply when you first arrived. My good friend Sarah was kind enough to go shopping for you and picked up a few things – actually a lot of things which were later returned – to girl up your wardrobe. You happily wear a mix of colors and even some hand me downs from your little boy cousin (thanks for usually not being too picky).

Meg packed her bags and made the trip to see you all the way from Colorado, and while she was here we spent most of our time singing The Sound of Music soundtrack, which lead to Mary Poppins and then My Fair Lady. You love to sing and dance – or rather when we sing to you while dancing around the house – but I know you’ll be joining us soon. You also took your first trip to Letchworth and looked extra adorable in the Patagonia down bunting that is just a little bit too big on you.

The first few times people asked me if I liked being a mom I didn’t know what to say. I think it’s because I didn’t see myself as a mom – not the mom I think of, someone driving a minivan rushing to make sandwiches in the morning (I’ve watched too much tv apparently, sounds like an ad for ziploc bags or something). However I am a mom. I get up multiple times each night to feed you, sing you songs and marvel and the little smiles that cross your face – whether intentional or not. I love our life together, and of course I wouldn’t change it. So, I do love being a mom, because I get to be your mom.

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