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We’ve reached a milestone. September was a big month, one full of travel that seemed to define the end of the year for me. Now that it’s over I feel like I can take a deep breath. Of course, the even bigger milestone is reaching the half way mark. We are having another baby this February and we can’t wait for this little addition to the family.

It has been perfect timing and terrible timing and we are learning that God’s plans for our lives are bigger than our own. In the same month we found out that we were expecting and Matt left his job. I supported him 100% in his decision, but it totally changed everything. In a lot of ways, it has been good. We are both healthier, spending more time together, and not letting work dictate everything we do (well at least not his work). It was a change that would have been so hard to make if we had not been in the position we were in, so I’m grateful for the push out the door and chance to step out into unknown. I have been saying that all summer, but now we really do believe it’s true… or at least it becomes more true each day. However, this summer was hard. With the change in Matt’s job not only did we break off from the community we invested so many years in, we were buying our own health insurance and living in the middle of no where with no purpose. I was overwhelmed, Matt was depressed and there were a few really hard weeks where we just got up each day and started again.

A big change for me came when I had a particularly stressful weekend photographing long hours, and soon after I had some signs that I might lose the baby. I was trying to avoid even thinking about the fact that I was pregnant and it was a wake up call. Not only did I finally admit to myself that this was happening I realized once again how fragile life is and how little control I have over things. It was scary, and I don’t need to share any more in this post but if you know a woman who has had a child, lost a child, or is trying to have one you should probably just go give her a hug. Maybe you should just give anyone a hug.

In the days and weeks that followed things became more real. The baby was okay, Matt explored different job options and all the while has been an amazing stay at home dad. I love the partnership that we have and would happily switch roles at the right time – but for now we are enjoying defying gender stereotypes and living a very different version of the American dream. The years of working really hard to build my business haven’t necessarily stopped, but it can sustain us in our current situation. So thank you. Seriously, I would not be able to support our family doing what I do if you didn’t follow, read, share and book me. We are truly grateful.

To my current clients, especially those whom I’ve photographed this year – thank you for your patience. The emailing, editing, designing (almost all of which I do myself) gets pretty busy in wedding season and I appreciate the grace you are willing to extend. I can’t wait to share your wedding on my blog (if I haven’t already) and I think about you guys each day. I’m realizing lots of ways to improve so that next year is even better and am still booking in 2015.

If you like reading this blog I will continue posting regularly and I’ll probably share a few baby related things (except the gender, we aren’t finding out til the baby is born). You can also subscribe here so you can get a summarized version and the most recent news / travels / offers I might include. Wow. That was fun. I’m glad you guys know now. Thanks for sharing in our joy, and if you are currently in the pregnant club I’m excited to share this journey with you.

Open the full post to see more pictures of me working the camera like I do. Left out are the 20 bad photos for every good one I take.



I went down to my local river and hoped no one else would see me trying to be cool. mary_dougherty_baby_photographer006

Was it hard to keep this a secret? Not really. I don’t get out much and I work a lot so you probably didn’t see me. I’m glad you know now! mary_dougherty_baby_photographer001


You like my shirt? thanks! It’s from Loft and while they sell a maternity version I bought the normal one because it still fits well (for now) and I’d rather wear it again later on. mary_dougherty_baby_photographer002

Matt makes fun of me, which is good because mostly I act ridiculous when my picture is taken, but he always ends up making me laugh.mary_dougherty_baby_photographer008

Little Daphers had to make a cameo. She is going to be a great big sister.

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